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Surname Genc - Meaning and Origin

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Genc: What does the surname Genc mean?

The last name Genc is derived from the Turkish word "genç", which means "young". This surname is found throughout Turkey and other areas of the world where Turkish people have migrated. It is also a common Turkish Cyrillic last name.

The Genc surname is largely associated with Turkish culture and heritage, with many instances found in the old Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the 15th century. It's likely that during the Ottoman era, the name was passed down from a particular tribe or group of people, and the meaning has remained the same since then.

The Genc family was likely known for their youthful energy and enthusiasm. Likely associated with the youth movements in Turkey during the late 19th century and early 20th century, the Genc family was probably part of the movement to increase the place of Turkish people in the world.

Today, the Genc family carries the legacy of their Turkish ancestors proudly, often recalling the stories of their past with fondness. The name carries an important meaning, and is a constant reminder of the strength and resilience of the Turkish people. It is a reminder of where they came from and of the journey they have traveled.

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Genc: Where does the name Genc come from?

The last name Genc is most commonly found in the Balkans region, in Albania, Serbia, and Montenegro. It is a relatively common last name in Albania, as well as Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and North Macedonia. The last name Genc also appears to originate from the Turkish language, and thus can also be found in other parts of the world where Turkish is spoken, such as Turkey, Bulgaria, and certain parts of the Middle East.

When looking at records of the last name Genc in Albania, it appears that it is most commonly found in the regions encompassing Elbasan and Tirane. In neighboring countries such as Kosovo, Serbia, and North Macedonia, the last name Genc is also quite prevalent, with a notably higher occurrence in certain regions.

Furthermore, the name Genc also appears to have a particularly strong presence in certain parts of Germany, following World War II where many Balkan immigrants settled in the country as refugees. In Germany, it is seen primarily in the region of Bavaria.

Overall, the name Genc is an established name primarily in the Balkans, with a strong presence in certain regions in Germany. Its commonality varies throughout the world, and its exact origin is still disputed.

Variations of the surname Genc

Genc, also commonly spelled as Jinn, Jhinn and Ghenci, is a surname of Turkish origin. It is believed to have descended from the Turkish word ‘Genc’ meaning ‘young’. It is most often associated with the large ethnic Ottoman Turkish population in Turkey, though it can be found throughout the world wherever there is a Turkish population.

Variant spellings and surnames that are derived from Genc include Ghenci, Jhin, and Jinn. These spellings are sometimes used in different countries and can be confused with other surnames that are similar in sound. Another variant spelling used by some is Ghenco which is believed to be an even more archaic spelling of the name.

In addition to the variant spellings, there are a few surnames that have a close relation to Genc that have developed over time. One such surname is Janecz, which is believed to be a phylogenetic variant of the original name. Another is Ghenuchi which is thought to be derived from Genc and is found primarily in Turkey.

Lastly, there are some surnames which feature Genc as part of their spelling but are not directly related to the original Genc surname. Names such as Gingica, Jincov, or Jinguer are some examples of these. These names are believed to have been formed over time and adopted by different people who were related to the Genc surname.

All in all, Genc is an ancient surname with many variants, spellings, and variants in existence. Its usage around the world and its various forms give people with this surname multiple choices in how to spell it.

Famous people with the name Genc

  • Mergim Genc: Mergim Genc is a professional footballer currently playing for Aldershot Town. He began his footballing career with shots FC academy which was sponsored by Arsenal FC, eventually signing for Aldershot Town in 2016.
  • Arben Genc: Arben Genc is a professional cyclist and team manager of the professional Italian cycling team Bahrain McLaren. He has been with the team since its inception in 2017 and has overseen major successes in the Tour de France including the Giro d’Italia.
  • Vianna Genc: Vianna Genc is a Brazilian singer who gained fame after appearing on the TV show Cura-me. Her debut album has topped the charts in Brazil and she is one of the most sought-after singers in the country.
  • Rona Genc: Rona Genc is the founder and CEO of a tech start-up business called Shokunk, a messaging platform for business professionals. Starting from humble beginnings when she was studying computer engineering, her company has since achieved significant success in the tech space.
  • Errol Genc: Errol Genc is a professional footballer currently playing in the Portuguese Primeira Liga for Portimonense. Having previously played for clubs in the United Kingdom and in Europe, he is well travelled and considered to be one of the best players in the league.

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