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Surname Goebelt - Meaning and Origin

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Goebelt: What does the surname Goebelt mean?

Goebelt is a German surname of noble origin derived from the Middle High German ‘goevel’ meaning 'gamekeeper', a title of the minor nobility in early medieval Germany. The name Goebelt is sometimes alternatively spelled Goebel, Gebel or Gebelt. It is estimated that this surname first emerged in the 15th century, during a period when family names were becoming more popular in Germany.

The first appearance of the Goebelt surname is found in the records of Johannes Goebelt, who in the year 1583 was allocated a plot of land in the town of Dresden.

Walter Goebelt, born in 1895, is one of the most renowned people who bore this name. Walter Goebelt was a German field marshal during World War II. He proved to be a proficient military commander and became the most influential and celebrated German officers of World War II.

In modern times, the name Goebelt is still common in parts of Germany, and also extends to other European countries. It is evident that among all the countries of Europe, the Goebelt's are found mostly in Germany and The Netherlands. Although in small numbers, this family name is also found in the United States and Canada, and indicates that some of the descendants of this Germanic family made their way abroad.

Today, the Goebelt name is quite rare, but is still prevalent enough to be recognisable when encountered. It is the perfect combination of European history and tradition.

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Goebelt: Where does the name Goebelt come from?

Goebelt is a German surname with origins in the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Western Germany. It is most common today in the areas surrounding the Rhineland-Palatinate, particularly in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The surname is also found in Austria, most commonly in the southern regions of the country. Goebelt is also found in France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Although it is uncommon in the United States, there are a few instances of it in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Missouri.

The Goebelt surname is thought to be derived from a given name associated with the Old Germanic god, Godebold. It is likely that it became a surname because of its religious connotations, given its placement within a region with strong Christian influence. As such, it is believed to have been adopted as a family name in the comparatively late period of the 18th or 19th centuries.

Given the historical context, it is not surprising that the Goebelt name is still very common in the Rhineland-Palatinate area today, especially in the larger cities such as Cologne and Duesseldorf. It is also somewhat prevalent in the other German states and the neighboring countries, where it has maintained its presence over the centuries, particularly in rural communities. In terms of the United States, Goebelt remains relatively absent but the name and its associated variants like Goebel and Goebels are starting to become increasingly common in some areas.

Variations of the surname Goebelt

The surname Goebelt is generally believed to have its root in German, but it could also be found in other countries. Variations of this surname include: Gebel, Gebelt, Gebeltz, Geble, Geidel, Goebel, Goebelt, Goebelts, Goeben, Goebelz, Goebels, Goeben, Goeble, Goebles, Goedel, Goedelz, Goedelts, Goepping, Goepel, Goeppel, Goeppelt, Gopell, Goeppels, Goettel, Goetze, Goetz, Gopel, Gopell, Gopelt, Gopelz, and Gopels.

In Germany, the surname is most common in Saxony and Bavaria. It is also found in the United States, Australia and Canada. In Germany, many people with the surname of Goebelt are descended from early settlers who immigrated to America.

In Australia, the Goebelt name is associated with descendants of immigrants from Prussia, and many are of German ancestry. Due to the large immigration patterns, Goebelt is among several other variations of German surnames that have begun to appear in the country.

In the United States, the Goebelt name is primarily found in Missouri, Texas, New York, Illinois, and Arizona. In many of these states, the surname is believed to have been brought over by German immigrants during the 19th century.

Overall, the names Goebelt, Goebel, Gebel, Gebelt, Gebeltz, Geble, Geidel, Goebelts, Goeben, Goebelz, Goebels, Goeben, Goeble, Goebles, Goedel, Goedelz, Goedelts, Goepping, Goepel, Goeppel, Goeppelt, Goppel, Goeppels, Goettel, Goetze, Goetz, Gopel, Gopell, Gopelt, Gopelz, and Gopels are all various versions of the same surname.

Famous people with the name Goebelt

  • Hans Goebelt (1899-1945): German U-boat commander during World War II.
  • Johann Peter Goebelt (1810-1881): German composer best known for his songs and operas.
  • Georg Eduard Goebelt (1876-1951): German landscape painter of the Pomeranian School.
  • Max Goebelt (1908-1984): German pentathlete who competed in the 1936 Olympic games.
  • Wolf Carl Goebelt (1860-1934): German psychiatrist and author.
  • Adolf Goebelt (1880-1958): German entomologist and naturalist.
  • Gottfried Goebelt (1860-1920): German architect and designer.
  • Karl Goebelt (1881-1913): German sculptor and restorer.
  • Alfred Ernest Goebelt (1881-1957): German architect and designer.
  • Rudolf Goebelt (1883-1951): German doctor and medical researcher.

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