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Surname Goebert - Meaning and Origin

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Goebert: What does the surname Goebert mean?

Goebert is a surname of German origin. The name is derived from the German word "gouber", which is a Middle High German term meaning "Godin" or "governor". Historically, the name was usually given to a local lord or magistrate. The title of "Goebert" was usually passed down from generation to generation within a particular family, and could refer to a member of the minor nobility or a local high-ranking official.

Today, Goebert is still a fairly common surname in Germany, reflecting the German heritage of the family and its long history in the region. In English-speaking countries, the name may appear as Goebel, Geibel, or Goeble.

In terms of its deeper meaning, the Goebert surname could symbolize power, authority, or even strength of character. In a more spiritual sense, it could represent faith, ethics, and devotion. As a surname, it is still seen by many as a strong and proud name, evoking a sense of respect and admiration.

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Goebert: Where does the name Goebert come from?

The last name Goebert is most commonly found in the United States today. According to the US Census Bureau, the surname Goebert is primarily concentrated in western and northwestern states such as Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah. Goebert is also present in the Midwest and Northeast, and can be found in smaller numbers in the South.

The frequency of Goebert in the United States has actually slightly increased since the 2010 census. There is now approximately 2,622 people with the last name Goebert in the US. As the US has become more culturally diverse, it is likely that this trend will continue.

The last name Goebert is also present in other countries, but to a very limited extent. Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia all show sparse distributions of Goebert. Most people with this name, in these countries and elsewhere, are likely to have a connection to those originally from the United States.

Overall, the surname Goebert is largely concentrated in the United States, with smaller demographics in other countries. The frequency of Goebert appears to be increasing in the US, likely due to increased immigration and intermarriage.

Variations of the surname Goebert

The surname Goebert is the Germanic form of the Old French name Gebert, a diminutive of Gebhard, meaning “ruler of the spear”. It is derived from the Germanic elements ger, meaning “spear”, and hard, meaning “brave”. This surname is commonly found in Germany, France, Austria, and other Germanic countries.

Variant spellings of the surname Goebert include Goeber, Goebel, Goebeler, Goebels, Goebelmann, Goepfert, Koeber, Koehler, and Koehlinger.

Other surnames of the same origin include Gehrig, Geissler, Geister, Geppert, Göppel, and Görlich.

Goebert is also a Dutch surname. Variations of this Dutch surname include Goyer, Goyers, Goijers, and Gooijers.

The Goebert surname is quite common in the United States. Alternatives that could be used in name searches include Gebert, Gebhart, Kabert, Gebhard, Cavert, Gavert, Gaebler, and Gaerbert.

Famous people with the name Goebert

  • Kristian Goebert, German professional basketball player
  • Eamonn Goebert, Australian cinematographer and film editor
  • Fabian Goebert, Dutch badminton player
  • Joachim Goebert, German screenwriter
  • Jan Goebert, German swimmer
  • Ludwig Goebert, German water polo player
  • Julius Goebert, German painter
  • Christian Goebert, German javelin thrower
  • Axel Goebert,Irish poet
  • Aldred Goebert, German marathon runner
  • Herbert Goebert, German footballer
  • Gebhard Goebert, German entrepreneur
  • Yvonne Goebert, German figure skater
  • Frederick Goebert, German musicologist
  • Johannes Goebert, German screenwriter
  • Johann Goebert, German photographer
  • Andreas Goebert, German jurist
  • Adam Goebert, German politician
  • Judith Goebert, American psychologist
  • Maria Goebert, Austrian librarian

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