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Surname Haass - Meaning and Origin

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Haass: What does the surname Haass mean?

The last name Haass is a German surname of Germanic origin. It derived from the Middle High German word "haus," meaning a dwelling or house. This word described someone who owned a house, or was the head of a house. By the 13th century, the Haass surname was well established in southwestern Germany and spread to other parts of the nation over time.

The name Haass is often associated with the German state of Bavaria, where many individuals with this surname originated. Specifically, the surname was prominent in the Bavarian region of Franconia, and spread to other parts of Germany over time.

The Haass surname is also found among the Jewish population. It is believed that the Jewish Haass family likely adopted the surname in the Middle Ages as a form of self-defense. Since anti-semitism was so wide spread in the Middle Ages, having a Christian-sounding name allowed the family to blend in more easily with the local population.

An alternate version of the Haass surname is Haase, which was particularly popular in northern Germany. Both spellings have the same meaning: a house owner. Those with the Haass surname usually hail from Germany, and the countries to which German immigrants have spread, such as the United States, Brazil, and Canada.

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Haass: Where does the name Haass come from?

The last name Haass is most common today in Germany and Austria. It is also found in other countries of Central and Eastern Europe such as Poland and the Czech Republic. It is a popular surname and is found in many different forms. The most common variants are Haas, Haus, and Hause.

Haass is derived from the German word "Hase", meaning "hare". This surname became popular thanks to its distinct meaning and the resulting nickname ("Hase") that was bestowed upon people with this surname in the Middle Ages. The name can be found in records from as early as the 12th century in Germany.

The surname is most concentrated in the German states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, and Saxony. It is also common in Austria, albeit in fewer numbers. Immigration has led to the surname being present in other countries as well, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Overall, Haass is a relatively common surname in Central and Eastern Europe, with higher concentrations in Germany and Austria. As a result of immigration, it can be found in other countries as well, and in various adaptations of the original spelling.

Variations of the surname Haass

The surname Haass is derived from the German term "Hase," meaning “hare” or “rabbit,” and is believed to have been an occupational name for rabbit hunters. The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for Haass include Hass, Hase, Haese, Haas, Haase, Hahne, Hahn, Hahns, Hahnsen, en Hahnsen, Hansen, Haupt, Haupe, Haupes, Haupl, Haus, Hausen, Hauser, and Hasse. It is also sometimes spelled Hassen, Hasen, and Hesses.

In Germany, variations of the surname include Häs, Häschen, and Hasenkampf. In the Netherlands, the variants are Hasekamp and Hasman. In other countries the variants are Hasse, Hass, and Hassis in France; Hasse in Italy; and Haas, Haasa, and Hase in Sweden.

In the United States, the most common surname variant is “Haas”, which is patronymic and derived from the name “Hass.” As time has passed, anyone with this surname likely had their name Americanized and is most likely to have the short form, Haas. People with variations in spelling such as Hahns, Havens, and Haupt may have been named Haas generations before.

The surname is also found in other countries with slight spelling changes. These include “Haupt” in Germany, “Haasa” in Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary, and “Haasen” in Denmark and Norway. Additionally, there is also “Hause” in Switzerland and Austria, as well as “Haue” in Sweden. Other potential spellings for the surname are “Hess,” “Haase,” and “Hahn.”

Famous people with the name Haass

  • Richard Haass: Richard Haass is an American diplomat, who currently serves as the President of the Council on Foreign Relations. He has served as the Director of Policy Planning for the United States Department of State, and is currently a Professor of Political Science at Princeton.
  • Lisa Haass: Lisa Haass is an American diplomat and the former Director for Middle East Policy at the White House National Security Council. She was the first female director of Middle East policy at the White House and oversaw policy in the Middle East during the Obama administration.
  • Stephen Haass: Stephen Haass, the father of Richard Haass, was a businessman and philanthropist who was dedicated to causes such as social justice, Israel and economic development in the Middle East.
  • Ralph Haass: Ralph Haass was an American economist and management consultant who spent his career researching and teaching organization theory and corporate strategy. He was also the founding Dean of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.
  • David Haass: David Haass is a former executive in the global financial industry. He retired in 2012 following a long career in the banking and finance industry.
  • Roberta Haass: Roberta Haass is an American diplomat who has served in senior foreign service positions in the State Department, the United Nations and the White House since 2002. She was the lead U.S. negotiator on the Iraq Status of Forces Agreement and served as the Acting Special Envoy for Middle East Peace.
  • Gary Haass: Gary Haass is a business manager and former Director of the US delegation to the International Civil Aviation Organization. He was also the President of Auburn University at Montgomery in Alabama.

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