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Surname Haasenohr - Meaning and Origin

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Haasenohr: What does the surname Haasenohr mean?

The last name Haasenohr is of German origin and is derived from a place name believed to have originated in North Rhine-Westphalia. It likely originates from the Middle German words ‘Haase’, which means ‘hare’ and ‘Ohr’, which means ‘ear’. There are several known noble families with this name that have been present since the 16th century.

In terms of family heraldry, the heraldic animal associated with the name Haasenohr is an upright hare with its ears tending right. It is believed to be representative of a family with alertness and an attentive ear for the needs and interests of others - traits that would have been held in high regard during past periods of history.

The most interesting thing about the last name Haasenohr is that it is still prevalent in Germany today. Although it is not among the top ten most common surnames in the German language, the surname is registered regularly in Germany and remains relatively popular. Those with the name Haasenohr are likely to still call Germany their home but their living relatives may be widespread in Europe and even spread across the globe.

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Haasenohr: Where does the name Haasenohr come from?

The name Haasenohr is an old German last name. It is most commonly found in Germany, particularly among the Lutheran population of the country. Records of the name have been found in records as early as the year 1580 in Germany. Since then, many families with the name have remained in the country, and the name is still quite common in Germany today.

The name is also fairly common in other areas of Northern Europe, such as Denmark, Sweden, and even Poland. It is believed that some Haasenohr families may have left Germany in the 1700s and 1800s and settled in different parts of Northern Europe. This could explain why the name is found in several countries in the region today.

The name can also be found in smaller populations in the United States. In the 1900s, many immigrants from Germany, Sweden, and other Northern European countries settled in the US, and the name Haasenohr was brought with them. Today, it can be found all around the US, but it’s most common in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

Overall, the last name Haasenohr is most common in Germany. However, it can also be found in smaller populations in other parts of Northern Europe and the United States.

Variations of the surname Haasenohr

The surname Haasenohr is a German variant of the highly popular surname Haas. It originated as an altered spelling of Haase, which is the German word for a rabbit (haas) or hare (hase). The surname Haase is derived from the Middle High German words “hazze” or “has”, the word referring to the animal. The name Haas can be found in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and other parts of the world.

The variants, spellings and surnames of those same origin that link with the Haasenohr surname are varied. The most common variants include Hase, Haas, Hass, Hesen, Haseinohr, Hasinohr, Hazenohr and Hassenohr.

The spelling variation of the surname has also evolved over time. Examples are Hassenor, Hasenauer, Hasenohle, Hesenauer, Hesser and Hessenaur.

Other common surnames which are linked to the Haasenohr surname include Hach, Haugh, Hausen, Hauz, Heck, Heiden, Heyduck, Hiller, Hohenhausen, Hoffian, Hoffin and Hoog.

The variants and spellings of the surname which are not linked to the German language are also quite popular. Examples of these include the Dutch variant of Haesenauer, the English variant of Hessenaur and the French variant of Hasinohr. Other variants are the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese variants of the surname Hasinohr and the Slovenians variant of Hassenor.

Variations of the surname Haasenohr may continue to evolve over the years as the large extended family of those who bear the surname settle into different countries or communities around the world.

Famous people with the name Haasenohr

  • Hans-Christoph Haasenohr: German composer
  • Martin Haasenohr: German football player
  • Christoph Haasenohr: German architect
  • Albrecht Haasenohr: German provost
  • Bernd Haasenohr: German fitness trainer
  • Lydia Haasenohr: German businesswoman
  • Eva Haasenohr: German film producer
  • Stephan Haasenohr: German singer and songwriter
  • Stefan Haasenohr: German bass guitarist
  • Karl-Friedrich Haasenohr: German businessman
  • Barbara Haasenohr: German athlete
  • Michael Haasenohr: German actor
  • Peter Haasenohr: German entrepreneur
  • Helmut Haasenohr: German politician
  • Larissa Haasenohr: German physicist
  • Kerstin Haasenohr: German writer
  • Julia Haasenohr: German fashion designer
  • Philipp Haasenohr: German sports journalist

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