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Surname Hagerman - Meaning and Origin

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Hagerman: What does the surname Hagerman mean?

The last name Hagerman is believed to have originated from what is now the Netherlands. It is a patronymic surname, derived from the given name Hager, which is an occupational name derived from "hager" meaning fence, hedge or enclosure. The surname Hagerman is also found in Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia, and other European countries.

The name Hagerman is a common occupational name, indicating that the original bearer of the name was employed as a fence builder or groundskeeper. Notable bearer of the name Hagerman include Daniel Hagerman, an American merchant in Philadelphia in the 1700s; Carl Hagerman, a Swedish sculptor; and Elisabeth Hagerman, an American entomologist during the early 1900s.

The name Hagerman is associated with a strong sense of organization and reliability ― values traditionally associated with fence building and groundskeeping. Family members who share the last name of Hagerman generally have an inclination towards order and unity, which have allowed them to succeed in a variety of professions. Many Hagerman’s have gone on to become entrepreneurs, artists, and other professionals.

In summary, the last name Hagerman is of Dutch origin and is a patronymic surname derived from the given name Hager, which means fence, hedge or enclosure. It is associated with a strong sense of organization and reliability and usually carries with it an inclination towards order and unity. Many members of the Hagerman family have achieved success in a variety of professions.

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Hagerman: Where does the name Hagerman come from?

The last name Hagerman is most commonly found in the United States, with the largest concentrations in the states of Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois. According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 28,000 people in the US bear the surname Hagerman. Outside of the US, the name is relatively rare, with small numbers residing in Canada, Australia, and the UK.

The name Hagerman likely originated from an old German surname, "Hager", which originated in Lower Saxony in Germany. It means one who worked on an enclosed farm or manor, as well as one who tended an orchard or vineyard. It also referred to those who lived in a threshing barn. Over time, the name became anglicized into various variants, including Hagerman, Haggerty, and Haggett.

The surname is a relatively popular one, with many genealogy websites offering traceable records, family trees, and resources for those researching their Hagerman ancestry. Even in modern day, the number of those bearing the name Hagerman is not insignificant, a testament to its lasting popularity.

Variations of the surname Hagerman

Hagerman is an Anglo-Saxon surname of uncertain origin. The variants, spellings, and surnames with the same origin of Hagerman range from Haagaman, Hagaman, Hagermann to Hagarman and Hagarmann.

Haagaman might be Dutch in origin and derived from the place name Hegeimann, which is a combination of two words, 'hegei', meaning 'hedge' and 'mann', meaning 'man.' Hagaman is a variant spelling of the English surname Haig and has two possible origins, either from 'hegei' as above, or from a locational name derived from a farmstead near Magham Down, in Sussex.

Hagermann is a German surname derived from the given name Hagar. This given name has multiple possible origins, in either Hebrew, Swedish, or Germanic, with the meaning of ‘stranger’ or ‘one who has fled’. Hagarman is an English variant, possibly from a link to the German surname.

Hagarman is an English variant of the German Hagarmann. This surname is derived from the given name Hagar, which is of ancient Scandinavian origin. The root of the name is 'hag', meaning 'enclosure', combined with the suffix '-arr', meaning 'son of'. Therefore, the name has the meaning of 'son of the one who lives in the enclosed area' or 'son of the dweller of the enclosure'. Hagarmann, is a German variant of the English surname Hagarman, and is also derived from the given name Hagar.

Overall, the surname Hagerman has multiple origins and variants, including Haagaman, Hagaman, Hagermann, Hagarman and Hagarmann.

Famous people with the name Hagerman

  • Rick Hagerman: A composing artist from California known for his experimental soundtracks, primarily for film and television.
  • Brad Hagerman: Former professional football player who played in the NFL for three teams.
  • A.J. Hagerman: A professional photographer who is known for his innovative and dynamic use of color and light.
  • Steven Hagerman: A former Commodore at the United States Naval Academy and Commander in the United States Navy.
  • Robert Hagerman: An American physicist known for his research in semiconductor physics including intersubband transitions in quantum wells.
  • Charles Hagerman: A professor of English at Michigan State University and editor of the journal Early American Literature.
  • Conrad Hagerman: An American painter and printmaker who is known for his modernistic abstracts and landscapes.
  • Edgardo Hagerman: An Emmy-award winning visual effects artist and cinematographer.
  • Eric Hagerman: A Broadway actor who has appeared in shows such as the musical Chicago and Cats.
  • Les Hagerman: An American playwright and screenwriter whose works have been broadcast and performed in theaters around the world.

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