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Surname Hägermann - Meaning and Origin

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Hägermann: What does the surname Hägermann mean?

The last name Hägermann is a german last name meaning "burgher, citizen, or trader who was entitled to certain privileges, such as holding markets, tolls, and monopolies." This term was originally used in the Middle Ages for urban dwellers who held special rights and were subject to privileges granted by the local ruler.

The most likely origin of this surname is from the region of Germany now known as Bavaria, as this region was particularly rich in early urban settlements prior to the establishment of more formal cities. The first recorded use of the surname dates back to 1345, when Conrad Hägermann is recorded as being involved in the sale of a house in Würzburg, Germany.

The name itself is derived from two separate words, "Häge" meaning "people in a walled city" and "mann" meaning "man" or "member of a family". Thus, the name Hägermann can be seen to imply the status of a person living within the walls of a city.

Hägermann is a fairly common surname in German-speaking countries, with many families owning coat of arms or other crests attesting to their long history of being urban dwellers. Today, people with the last name Hägermann are spread across much of Europe, with a much higher concentration of the family name residing in western Germany and its bordering states.

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Hägermann: Where does the name Hägermann come from?

Hägermann is a surname derived from the German word "hag," meaning hedge. It is most common today in the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

In Germany, the highest numbers of people with the surname Hägermann can be found in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Hesse, and Bavaria, with the largest population concentration being in the former two states. In Austria, the surname is present across the whole country, but there is an especially high number of people with the name in the provinces of Tyrol and Upper Austria. In Switzerland, the highest level of prevalence of the surname is in the canton of Bern.

Hägermann is not especially common in contemporary Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. In Germany, the combined population of people with the name Hägermann is estimated at around 8,000 people. The name is much more common in Austria, however, where 45,000 people currently share the name. In Switzerland, there are 5,000 people living with the surname.

Comparatively, the surname is fairly uncommon outside of the German-speaking territories. In the United States, only around 400 people have the name, according to the most recent census. There is a slightly higher concentration of people with the name in Canada, with a population of around 2,000 people.

Variations of the surname Hägermann

The surname Hägermann is a German-language variant of the originally Dutch surnames Hagerman, Hagermann, Hagemeijer, Haager/Haagman, and Hager/Hagger. The root of all of these surnames is the Dutch word ‘hager’, meaning fence or hedge, a reference to someone who lived near or tended to a hedge.

Variant spellings of Hägermann include Hagermann, Haegemann, Haegermann, Hagerman, Hagemeier, Haeggerman, Haeggermann, Haegarmann, Hagarman, Hagerman, Hagarmann, and Hagarmann. Less common variants and alternate spellings of these names include Hagemeyer, Hagemeijer, Hagmeijer, Hagemann, Hagermanns, Hahgerman, Handgerman, Hegoerman, Heggermaon, Heggermon, Heggermann, Hegermann, Heggermann, and Heggermann.

Surnames derived from the same root include Hagendijk, Hagemeier, Hagemeyer, Hagenkötter (‘hedge-cutter’), Hagenhoff (‘hedge-yard’), Haghneijers, Hagmeijer, Hagenaars, Hagendier, Hagestein, Hagemans, Haaggman, Haagman, Haagterman, Haegeman, and Haegen.

There are a few foreign varieties of Hägermann related to immigration from Germany. These include Hagermon (reatively common in the US) and Hagermanut (common in the Ottoman Empire). There is also Haggerman, a variant of which is common in Finland.

Famous people with the name Hägermann

  • Oskar Hägermann: German professional footballer who plays as an offensive midfielder for Dynamo Dresden.
  • Ulrika Hägermann: a singer-songwriter based in Sweden.
  • Elias Hägermann: a German composer mainly focused on choral and orchestral music.
  • Hans Hägermann: a German philosopher and theologian.
  • Eric Hägermann: a successful businessman in the IT industry and an entrepreneur in Berlin.
  • Anna Hägermann: a German radio and television presenter who is mostly known for her work on RTL.
  • Philipp Hägermann: a professional ice hockey player for Füchse Duisburg.
  • Caroline Hägermann: a German actress active in both film and television.
  • Mischa Hägermann: a German professional violinist and amateur photographer.
  • Odin Hägermann: a German mixed martial artist competing in the lightweight division.

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