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Surname Harmes - Meaning and Origin

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Harmes: What does the surname Harmes mean?

The last name Harmes is a variant of the surname Herman. It is of Germanic origin and is used to refer to a person who is the leader of an army or a group of people. The name was derived from hari, meaning 'army' or 'warrior'. It could also be derived from the Latin hermeneia, denoting an interpreter, as the root of the word means “discourse”.

The name found its way into English during the Norman Conquest of 1066. It is most commonly found in the British Isles, especially in England, Scotland, and Ireland. It is also found throughout Germany and Austria, and in France as the name Hémery.

The name is associated with strength, courage, and bravery, since it implies being the leader of a group or army. People whose last name is Harmes often share characteristics such as determination, strength, inner courage, and a desire for success. They are often able to remain focused and dutiful at all times and are very natural leaders who can take charge of situations and command respect from their peers.

Harmes is a strong and noble last name that is deeply embedded in the heritage and culture of many European countries. It is a reminder of an individual’s valor, courage, and strength, and carries a rich history full of noble deeds.

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Harmes: Where does the name Harmes come from?

The surname Harmes is thought to have originated in the Netherlands, although this is not definitively known. The earliest recorded use of the name dates to 1362 in the Netherlands.

At the time of the 1881 British Census, the surname Harmes was most commonly found in South West England, in counties such as Devon, Somerset, and Hampshire. It is likely that much of the concentration of the surname in this area is a result of Dutch soldiers and sailors who settled in these counties following the Dutch invasions of the 17th century.

Today, the surname Harmes is found in many countries around the world. The highest frequency is likely still in the Netherlands, where it is one of the top 500 surnames in the country. Other countries with a higher-than-average concentration of the name include the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. In the U.S., the name is most commonly found in California and Texas.

In summary, the last name Harmes appears to be most commonly found in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and other countries of British and Dutch origin. However, the surname is also found in many other countries around the world.

Variations of the surname Harmes

The surname Harmes is a patronymic German family name derived from the Middle Low German form of the given name Herman, and is also found in several different spellings and variants. The most common variant spelling of Harmes is Harms, while the Dutch and German spelling is usually Harmsen, although variants such as Hermsen and Hermse also exist. An older, more traditional Anglo-Saxon variant spelling is Harmsworth.

In addition, the surnames Hermas or Hermes, as well as Hermitage, emerged as variations of the same origin and can appear as a result of multiple generations of dropped consonants in the pronunciation of the original surname.

Other variations of the name originate from the prefix of the original given name, Herman, such as Harman, Harmin, Harmon, Hermann, Hermanni, and Hermans.

In the south of Germany, the surname is predominantly spelled Herrmann, while in the Low Countries, it appears more commonly as Herman. Lastly, some permutations of the name can trace to its French spelling of Hermine.

Whether spelled Harmes, Hermas, Harms, Harmesworth or otherwise, the surname is ultimately derived from the Old Germanic name Herman.

Famous people with the name Harmes

1.Marcus Harmes: Australian professional AFL footballer who has played for the North Melbourne Kangaroos and Perth Demons. 2.Harriet Harmes: Australian professional footballer who won the 2017 Westfield W-League Premiership with the Melbourne Victory. 3.Karine Harmes: French former professional tennis player. 4.Flemming Harmes: Danish former professional footballer who played for Danish clubs IK Skovbakken and EB/Streymur. 5.Jérémy Harmes: French professional football player who currently plays for USL League Two club Flint City Bucks. 6.Marco Harmes: Dutch former professional footballer who played for clubs such as Sparta Rotterdam and Willem II. 7.Freek Harmes: Dutch professional cyclist who has competed in UCI World Tour races like the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France. 8.Ralph Harmes: British former professional race car driver who competed in the British Touring Car Championship. 9.John Harmes: Canadian former professional ice hockey player who played in the National Hockey League. 10.Anne Harmes: German professional beach volleyball player who has won several medals in the European Championships.

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