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Surname Haskell - Meaning and Origin

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Haskell: What does the surname Haskell mean?

The surname Haskell is of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from the Old Norse personal name 'Asketill', which is split into two elements 'oss' or 'ass' meaning 'god' and 'ketill' meaning 'kettle' or 'caldron' often used metaphorically for 'helmet' or 'leader'. The name therefore implies a divine kettle or a god-like leader. This name was common amongst Vikings and was integral to their mythology. After the Anglo-Saxon settlement in England, this name was adopted and gradually transformed into Haskell. It can be interpreted as 'one who serves or belongs to Ashketil' (Eskil), denoting servitude to a god or leader. Thus, Haskell is a patronymic surname, referring to the son of Eskil. It is prevalent in England and has several variations such as Haskel, Askell, Eskell and others.

Haskell: Where does the name Haskell come from?

The surname Haskell is originally of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from a personal name "Askill" or "Haskill". It is considered a variant of "Ankettle", an Old Norse personal name, or possible of the name 'Asketill', a compounded name composed of the elements "oss" or "ass" meaning god, and "ketill", meaning kettle or sacrificial cauldron.

The prime authority on English Surnames, Charles Bardsley, suggests that it is thought to have been a baptismal name 'The son of Aschetil". The name was transformed through time to become 'Haskell' and many of the early American settlers with this surname were found in various New England states.

Today, the surname Haskell is common in the United States, particularly in Maine. It is also found in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, albeit less frequently. Despite its global spread due to emigration, it remains less common compared to other surnames. Notable individuals with this surname include American computer scientist John Hughes, one of the designers of the programming language named Haskell, which was named in honor of logician Haskell Curry.

Variations of the surname Haskell

The surname Haskell is derived from the medieval personal name "Haskel", a pet form of the Hebrew name "Ezekiel". This name was brought to England by the Ashkenazi Jews during the Middle Ages. Variations and spellings can include Hascall, Haskoll, Haskall, Haskel, Hesco, and Heskel. The name could also potentially be changed to Heskelson or Haskelson meaning 'son of Heskel or Haskell'. These variations might have developed due to the phonetic interpretations and regional dialects which led to different spellings of the same surname.

There are also geographical variations of the surname. For example, in Germany, the surname could be spelt as Häskel, Häske, or Häckel. In Scandinavia, it could be spelt as Häskell or Häskil.

The surname could also have been Anglicized from a different spelling or surname, from a different language or culture. For example, from Russia, it might be Anglicized from the surname Gaskell.

Keep in mind that surname variants, while having the same or similar pronunciation, may not always share the same origin or meaning.

Famous people with the name Haskell

  • Bryan Haskell: Bryan Haskell is an writer, producer, director and actor from the UK. He is best known for writing and producing the BBC TV mini-series "Black Mirror" and the Amazon Prime comedy "The Boys".
  • Joe Haskell: Joe Haskell is an American computer scientist who worked on the functional programming language Haskell. He also co-wrote the book "Real World Haskell".
  • Douglas Haskell: Douglas Haskell was an American architectural critic and professor of architecture at Princeton University. He was a major proponent of modernism and an advocate for the preservation of modern architecture.
  • Graham Haskell: Graham Haskell is a British contemporary artist and sculptor. He studied at the Royal College of Art in London. His sculptures and installations explore the themes of identity, duelism and transformation.
  • Mark Haskell Smith: Mark Haskell Smith is an American author and screenwriter. He is best known for his novels "Baked", "Salt Water Voodoo" and "Heart of Dankness".
  • Stanley G. Haskell: Stanley G. Haskell was an American politician from the state of Michigan. He served as a state representative and was a major player in the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906.
  • Stephen Haskell: Stephen Haskell was an American author and co-founder of the International Bible Students Association. He is best known for his book "The Story of Daniel the Prophet".
  • Henry P. Haskell: Henry P. Haskell was an American Civil War doctor and a major figure in early American medicine. He was the founder of the American Institute of Homeopathy and a professor at the Rush Medical College in Chicago.

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