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Surname Haskett - Meaning and Origin

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Haskett: What does the surname Haskett mean?

The last name Haskett is of Celtic origin and is believed to have originated in the Cornwall region of England. The name is a derivation of the name "Haket," which was a personal name that eventually became a surname. The Haskett surname originally began as a local name, meaning a person who resided near a house or castle owned by someone with the name Haket.

Hasketts are believed to be descended from Cornish people, and the term has meaning in both English and Cornish. In Cornish, Haskett means someone who is of strong temperament and who is brave, generous, and reliable.

The Hasketts can be traced back to the 12th century. During that period, the name was already being used as a surname. In the 13th century, it was common practice for a person to take on the identity of the place in which they lived, and hence through this practice, many names became fixed surnames which are still in use today.

The name Haskett is common in Britain and Ireland, as well as in places which were originally part of the British Empire. The family’s Coat of Arms dates back to 1717 and features a falcon and a gold lion. The family motto reads "Fortis et Fidelis", which means "brave and loyal".

Today, Hasketts can be found all across the globe, remaining a proud example of a family with centuries of heritage and a remarkable story of strength and resilience.

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Haskett: Where does the name Haskett come from?

The last name Haskett is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, particularly in southeast England and parts of Northern Ireland. In England, the name is particularly concentrated in Surrey, Kent, East Sussex, and London, while in Northern Ireland it is mainly found in Antrim and Down.

Within the United States, it is most common in the American Midwest, particularly in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. It is also found to a lesser extent in the Southern and Eastern states such as Florida, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, and New York.

The origins of the name Haskett are elusive, however, it possibly derived from the Old English place-name Hascote or possibly a pronunciation variant of "Hischet." Despite the uncertain origin of the matronymic surname, it became widely distributed in the late Medieval and early modern period.

Those with the surname Haskett often had English, Scottish, or Irish ancestors, although some with the name are descended from German or Dutch immigrants. The name was also early known in France, where it is usually spelled Hacquet.

The name Haskett is not particularly common today, although the prevalence of the name varies widely, depending on the geographic region.

Variations of the surname Haskett

There are a few variants and spellings of the surname Haskett, as well as other surnames of the same origin. These include Haske, Hasske, Husket, Huske, Hescote, Hascot and Hascoet.

Haskett is believed to be of Norman origin, and may have derived from the Old English name ‘Hasuc’ meaning ‘riverbank’. The name was first recorded on the runestone in Vastergotland, Sweden in 13th century.

The name would have been particularly popular in the 11th and 12th centuries, when many families with Norman backgrounds arrived in England. It has been suggested that families with this name settled in Sussex and Suffolk as a result of their Norman roots.

Haske and its variants are of a more modern origin, and were likely popular among families with Germanic roots in the 16th century. It was first recorded on the census records in the 1800s as a variant of Haskett.

Husket, Huske and Hescote are also Germanic variants, usually found in North America. Hascoet is of French origin, and may have been adopted to English spellings in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Thus, Haskett is part of a larger group of surnames that have their roots in French, German, and Old English origins. It has many variants and spellings, all of which may have originated from a single ancestor.

Famous people with the name Haskett

  • William Haskett: British Army Major-General and former Deputy Adjutant of the Household Cavalry Regiment
  • Peter Haskett: British footballer
  • Charlie Haskett: American maker of banjos and guitars
  • Mary Haskett: Canadian abstract painter
  • Paul Haskett: former Professional Tennis Player from New Zealand
  • Jennifer Haskett: American actress best known for her role as Sarah in the television series “Friends”
  • Tyler Haskett: Guyanese former professional footballer
  • Debbie Haskett: British television producer and writer on shows such as Coronation Street and Brookside
  • Laura Haskett: American short story writer and author
  • John Haskett: English classical flutist and prolific international soloist

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