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Surname Haught - Meaning and Origin

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Haught: What does the surname Haught mean?

Haught is a family name with mostly Anglo-Saxon origins. It derived from an ancient English personal name Hoh-geat, which means a person living in a high-gated place. The term 'Haught' has its roots in the Old English words 'heah' meaning 'high' and 'geat' meaning 'gate'. The name has undergone many variations over time such as Haight, Height, Hight, Hate, Hoit, Hoyt, and others. It is often associated with individuals who lived in a place marked by a noticeable gate or were possibly gatekeepers of a significant gate or entrance in a city or castle. In some interpretations, it is also speculated to refer to those residing in high or elevated places such as on a hill or upper levels of a town. It's also noteworthy that surnames often reflected an individual's occupation or geographical location during medieval times.

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Haught: Where does the name Haught come from?

The surname Haught is believed to have originated from the early medieval English or Germanic word "hoh", meaning "high" or "tall", indicating that the original bearer was likely tall or lived in a high place like on a hill. The name could also have emerged in different regions independently.

In England, it emerged around Cheshire and Staffordshire. There are villages named Haughton in both counties, implying that residents may have adopted the village name as a surname.

In Germany, the name could have evolved from the High German word “hoc”, meaning “sharp” or “pointed". It's plausible that it was an occupational name for someone who made sharp or pointed tools.

Today, the surname Haught is quite rare compared to other surnames and is predominantly found in the United States. According to public records, individuals bearing the surname Haught are most numerous in Texas and West Virginia. Its distribution has spread to other countries such as England, Canada, and Australia, but it remains less common in these regions.

Variations of the surname Haught

The surname Haught appears to have German origins and could be a variant of the surname Houghton or Hought. Some variations appear to be phonetic, while others could be a result of different regional dialects, translation, or simplification of spelling over time. Variants could include Haughton, Haut, Hout, Hought, and Haugh.

As surnames were often assigned based on an individual’s occupation, birthplace, or father’s name, "Haught" could also be associated with surnames that relate to high places or someone who is high-minded or lofty, given that "hoch" means "high" in German.

The same word can also be found in several other German-word-based surnames such as Hochstedler, Hochstetler, Hochstatt, and Hochstetter. These surnames also embody the same "high" or "lofty" meaning.

Spellings might also include Haught, Haugt, or Hauht. Surnames have been historically influenced greatly by local dialects, and these spellings could have arisen from different phonetic interpretations of the same surname. Please note that surnames can be very region and family-specific, and these are general suggestions.

Famous people with the name Haught

  • Toni Haught: A former professional basketball player, Haught won the WNBA championship in 2001 and was inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in 2020.
  • Matthew Haught: An American television journalist, Haught is currently an anchor and reporter for WEWS-TV in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Dave Haught: An American country musician, Haught released his debut studio album Welcome to My World in 1995.
  • Dr. Patrick Haught: An American zoologist, Dr. Haught is the head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment at the College of William & Mary in Virginia.
  • Jason Haught: An American actor, Haught has appeared in films such as Batman Begins and Skyline.
  • Cathy Haught: An American poet, Haught is the author of two collections of poetry, The Away End and Upventing.
  • Tracy Haught: An American singer, songwriter, and musician, Haught is the lead vocalist of the band 85 South.
  • Michael Haught: A former American middleweight boxer, Haught won the WBC world title in 1992.
  • Abigail Haught: An American novelist, Haught has published several books, including The Fading Out and The Beautiful Fall.
  • Logan Haught: An American professional golfer from Abilene, Texas, Haught won the 2020 Byron Nelson Championship on the PGA Tour.

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