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Surname Haughty - Meaning and Origin

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Haughty: What does the surname Haughty mean?

The last name Haughty is an Anglo-Saxon surname that dates back to at least the late 12th century. Its origin is derived from a word in Middle English meaning proud or arrogant. In its earliest uses, the name was generally a nickname for someone who was overly proud, ambitious, or distant. It could also be used to describe someone with a lofty attitude or a superior air about them.

The implication of the name Haughty is that its bearer had a superior attitude or disposition, or a certain sense of pride or superiority over others. The surname likely developed due to the particularly prominent position of its original bearers. It could have applied to nobility or simply those of prominent familial standing.

The name Haughty remains in use today, and carries with it a certain regal implication. Those with the name today could be said to identify as driven, determined, or ambitious. The prideful lifestyle that one with the surname Haughty lived hundreds of years ago is still seen today and may continue to be a defining part of those with the name well into the future.

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Haughty: Where does the name Haughty come from?

The last name Haughty is most commonly found today in the United Kingdom. It appears to have originated in North Yorkshire, England during the medieval period and later spread to other regions of the country. It is not a particularly common name, but can still be found in many parts of the country. Further research reveals that variations of the name, such as "Hawty," can also be observed in the Channel Islands, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

The name Haughty is believed to have derived from the Middle English "haghty," meaning "proud" or " haughty." It is believed to have originally been a nickname for a person with that characteristic. The surname is known to appear in the record of the Hundred Rolls, a document compiled by the English in 1279. Results of the 1881 British Census revealed that the name was most frequently recorded in the counties of Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, and Middlesex.

In the United States, Haughty is a much rarer name. Records indicate that the earliest appearance of the name in the US was in 1901, when Esther Haughty immigrated to the state of Massachusetts. It is not particularly common, but can sometimes still be observed in the country, particularly across the east coast.

Variations of the surname Haughty

The surname Haughty has a few variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The following are some examples:

Haughty: A more traditional, English spelling of the surname Haughty.

Haughey: A variant spelling of Haughty that originates from Northern Ireland.

Hauge: A Scandinavian spelling of the surname Haughty.

Haverty: An alternate spelling of the surname Haughty that is common in Ireland.

Hawley: An English spelling of the surname Haughty.

Halvey: This is an Irish version of the surname Haughty that dates back to the 17th century.

Haupt: German version of the surname Haughty that is quite common in the United States.

Haupf: An alternate German spelling of the surname Haughty.

Haufman: A Hebrew-based surname derivative of the name Haughty.

Halpenny: An Ulster-Scots version of the surname Haughty.

Havi: A Hungarian variant of the surname Haughty.

Hoefy: A Dutch version of the surname Haughty.

Huddy: A version of the surname Haughty that is common amongst the Irish Travelers of Britain.

Hatch: A rare, English derivative of the surname Haughty.

Hottage: An archaic English version of the surname Haughty.

Haugland: A Norwegian derivative of the surname Haughty.

Hefelfinger: An Americanized German spelling of the surname Haughty.

Though there are other variants and spellings of the surname Haughty, these are some of the more commonly found ones. It is possible that within certain family lines or regions of the world, other spellings or variants exist. The surname Haughty is widely dispersed in countries around the world and it is likely that through time and various migrations, spellings of the name have changed and been adapted into local languages.

Famous people with the name Haughty

  • Angelica Haughty: US Progressive rock musician and artist
  • Brent Haughty: American television and film actor
  • Cletus Haughty: English musician and composer
  • Drew Haughty: British jazz and blues vocalist
  • Eboni Haughty: Australian rap artist
  • Flabienn Haughty: French pop singer
  • Grissom Haughty: American country singer
  • Henka Haughty: Dutch pop artist
  • Issac Haughty: Indian classical musician
  • Judd Haughty: Brazilian singer-songwriter
  • Karr Haughty: South African jazz saxophonist
  • Laura Haughty: Canadian rock vocalist
  • Mason Haughty: US composer and producer
  • Noroll Haughty: American hip-hop artist
  • Owen Haughty: New Zealand flautist
  • Payden Haughty: British musical theater composer
  • Quinlin Haughty: Irish traditional folk musician
  • Rosalyn Haughty: Austrian opera singer
  • Swanzil Haughty: Spanish flamenco guitarist
  • Tomaz Haughty: German avant-garde composer

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