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Surname Hawkinson - Meaning and Origin

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Hawkinson: What does the surname Hawkinson mean?

The surname Hawkinson is of Scandinavian origin, more specifically, it is typically associated with Swedish lineage. The name is patronymic, meaning it is derived from the father's or a male ancestor's name. It is made up of two parts: 'Hawk' and 'son'.

The 'Hawk' element is a nickname or personal name that might refer to someone who shared characteristics with a hawk, like a keen sense of sight or being a fierce hunter. Additionally, in Nordic cultures, 'hawk' could also be derived from the Old Norse name 'Haukr,' meaning hawk or similar.

The second part, 'son', indicates 'son of', a common element in Swedish and other Nordic names.

Therefore, Hawkinson can be translated to mean 'son of Hawk' or 'son of Haukr', therefore it may have been originally given to the son of a man known as 'Hawk' or 'Haukr', perhaps because of his hawk-like qualities or skills. Being a patronymic name, different branches of the Hawkinson family can have a variety of lineages, all leading back to a patriarch known as Hawk or Haukr.

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Hawkinson: Where does the name Hawkinson come from?

The surname Hawkinson is of Scandinavian origin, more specifically from Sweden. It's a patronymic name, following the Nordic tradition of adding "-son" to the end of a father's name to form the surname, hence "Hawkin's son". "Hawkin" is a diminutive form of the name "Hawk", a bird of prey often associated with nobility and fierceness in Nordic culture.

Today, the last name Hawkinson is fairly common in the United States, particularly in states with high Scandinavian-American populations, like Minnesota and Illinois. There are also a considerable number of people with the surname Hawkinson in Australia and England. In its country of origin, Sweden, it has been largely replaced by the modern and standardized Hawkskold. Despite these changes, Hawkinson remains a name with a rich cultural history.

Variations of the surname Hawkinson

The surname Hawkinson is of Nordic origin and was primarily used in regions of Sweden and Norway. It's an ornamental name comprised of elements 'Hawk', which stands for the bird and 'son', denoting patronymic lineage, which means 'son of Hawk'.

Variants of the surname can include Hakonsson, Hawkenson, Hauksson, or Hawkinsson. These variations have arisen due to regional influences, immigration, and spellings getting altered over generations. Variations can also arise because surname spellings often changed over time as they were usually recorded as they sounded when documented.

Further, variant spellings can include the Anglicized versions like Hawkins or Hawkens, where 'son' has been omitted. Also, it's worth noting that in some cultures, the 'son' suffix might change to 'sen' or 'sön', resulting in Hakonsen or Hauksön. You might also come across differently spelled versions of the individual elements of the name, like Hauk or Haak instead of Hawk.

Common associated familial names or surnames could include Hakon, Hauk, Håkon (Norwegian variant) which might signify the first names of the initial bearers from which the patronymic surnames have been derived. However, as surnames, these may not directly link to the bloodline of the Hawkinson family.

Famous people with the name Hawkinson

  • Michael Hawkinson (Swedish professional ice hockey player)
  • Thomas Hawkinson (American football player)
  • William Hawkinson (American film and TV actor)
  • Lucenius Hawkinson (Finnish military and police officer)
  • Chauncey Hawkinson (American politician and attorney)
  • Sophie Hawkinson (German model and actress)
  • Peter Hawkinson (Swedish politician)
  • Matthew Hawkinson (American artist and sculptor)
  • August Hawkinson (American football and baseball player)
  • Paul Hawkinson (American professional golfer)
  • Rolf Hawkinson (Swedish squash player)
  • Morgan Hawkinson (New Zealand cricketer)
  • Edwin Hawkinson (Norwegian politician and member of Parliament)
  • Jonas Hawkinson (Swedish professional ice hockey player and coach)
  • Torsten Hawkinson (Finnish professional ice hockey player)

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