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Surname Hawkins - Meaning and Origin

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Unearthing Ancestral Roots: Fascinating Discoveries on the Hawkins Surname from iGENEA DNA Test

Delving into my ancestral roots through the iGENEA DNA test, I discovered some intriguing facts about my surname, Hawkins. A name of Anglo-Saxon origin, it hinted at seafaring history and belonging to the Y-chromosomal haplogroup I-M170, it revealed a lineage stretching back to the earliest Northern European tribes.

A. Hawkins

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Hawkins: What does the surname Hawkins mean?

The surname Hawkins is of English origin and it is primarily used in English-speaking countries. This name has a patronymic nature, meaning it is derived from the first name of a father or ancestor. Specifically, Hawkins means "son of Hawkin" or "son of Hawk". The name Hawkin is a diminutive form of the medieval name "Hawk", which was a nickname given to someone thought to resemble a hawk in some way, such as possessing sharp eyes or displaying a fierce nature. The "-s" or "-kins" at the end typically denotes "son of" when attached to medieval names. Therefore, the last name Hawkins symbolizes a lineage that potentially stems from a characteristic of keen vision or fierceness reflected in the patriarch of the family tree.

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Hawkins: Where does the name Hawkins come from?

The last name Hawkins is of English origin. It is derived from the Middle English personal name "Hawkin", which is a diminutive form of the name "Hawk". The "s" in the end represents "son of", thus translating to "son of Hawk". The name Hawk was often given to individuals who were known to have hawk-like characteristics, such as strength and keenness, or could also refer to someone who trained hawks.

First found in the Sussex region of England, where a certain Adam Hawkyns was listed in a record dating back to 1296, the surname later spread across Britain and subsequently throughout English-speaking countries.

Today, the surname Hawkins is most common in the United States, specifically in the states of Texas, California, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Other countries with a notable presence of the surname include England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. It is also notably common within African-American communities in the United States due to enslaved Africans often adopting the surnames of their masters. Famous people with the surname Hawkins include American musician Coleman Hawkins, British actor Jack Hawkins, and Australian politician Jennifer Hawkins.

Variations of the surname Hawkins

The surname Hawkins has been spelled in numerous ways throughout history, often dependent on the dialect or literacy level of the individual or scribe. Variants include Hawkyns, Hawkin, Haukins, Haukyns, Hawkens and Hawkings. The name is of English origin and is patronymic, meaning it is based on the father's name, in this case, "Hawk", so it translates to "son of Hawk". This surname has seen a small number of spelling changes over time due to the changes in pronunciation brought about by regional dialects and accents.

Also, there's a variation based on geographical location. For example, those in the north of England may have pronounced and spelled the name differently than those in the south leading to spellings such as Hawken or Hawkin.

In addition, there is an additional version such as "Horkins". Sometimes, the suffix "-son" could be added to the end, as in "Hawkinson." Other derivatives are Atkin, Atkinson, Hopkin, Hopkins, etc. which follow similar patronymic naming conventions.

However, Hawkins is the most common modern spelling. Any other variations are relatively rare today and more commonly found in historic documents and records.

Famous people with the name Hawkins

  • John Legend: Grammy award-winning musician
  • LaMarcus Aldridge: Retired NBA basketball player
  • Rachel Hawkins: Author of YA fantasy and romance novels
  • David Hawkins: Former basketball player and coach at UCLA
  • Drew Hawkins: Actor from the TV series "Grimm"
  • Tonya Hawkins: Actor known for her roles in TV Shows such as House of Cards and Westworld
  • Bobbie Hawkins: American Actress
  • Spencer Hawkins: Actor and Director from the UK
  • Ida Louise Hawkins: American television writer
  • Gordon Hawkins: Opera singer
  • Nick Hawkins: Recording engineer and singer-songwriter
  • Georgia Hawkins: English actress
  • Eddie Hawkins: Actor whose career dates back to the 1940s
  • JC Hawkins: Singer and songwriter
  • Una Hawkins: English actress
  • Angel Hawkins: Rapper, Singer and Songwriter
  • Thelma Hawkins: Activist and Politician from Victoria, Australia
  • Mark Hawkins: Actor known for his performance in the movie The Crucible
  • B.E. Hawkins: Singer and songwriter
  • Stricklin Hawkins: Songwriter and record producer

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