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Surname Hawkings - Meaning and Origin

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Hawkings: What does the surname Hawkings mean?

The last name Hawkings is believed to have Anglo-Saxon origins, derived from an old personal name "Hafoc", which means "hawk". However, over time it has evolved into various forms such as Hawkin, Hawkins, and Hawkings. The 's' or 'ings' in Hawkings indicates 'son of' or 'descendants of', thus the name could be interpreted as 'son of Hawk' or 'descendants of Hawk'. It also might be an occupational surname for a person who trained hawks, which were used for hunting in medieval times. Therefore, Hawkings could mean a descendant or son of a person who trained hawks or simply as the son of Hawk. It is important to note however, that surnames can have multiple origins and meanings that can change based on geographical location and historical context. Hawkings is a popular last name in England and its well-known bearers include renowned physicist Stephen Hawking.

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Hawkings: Where does the name Hawkings come from?

The last name Hawkings is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the personal name "Hawk", a diminutive form of the Old English name "Hafoc", meaning "falcon" or "hawk", and the suffix "-ings" meaning "son of". This suggests its initial inception was used to identify "son of Hawk". This surname originated in the United Kingdom, mostly from England. In olden days, the hawk was considered a noble bird, and the name may have been given to someone bearing a perceived resemblance to a hawk, or as an occupational name for a hawker or falconer.

Today, Hawkings isn't a very common last name. However, it remains most prominent in England, especially in regions of Devon, Lancashire, and London. This surname has also diffused to other parts of the world like the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand due to historical migration, but its prevalence is still relatively low. Variations of this surname include Hawking, Hawkins, and Hawkingson.

Variations of the surname Hawkings

The surname Hawkings can have several variants and spellings, many of which are of English origin.

The most common variations include Hawkins, Hawking, Haukings, Halkins, Hawkin, and Hawkens. These largely retain the same pronunciation but reflect various historical and regional spelling practices.

The addition or removal of the 's' at the end of the name is a common variation. Variations such as Hawkyns or Hawkyn are also seen occasionally, representing an older style of English spelling.

The surname can also be prefixed with an 'A', resulting in names such as Ahawkings or Ahawkins as a result of phonetic spelling of the name when pronounced with certain accents.

The use of 'v' in place of 'w' is a transcription error usually seen in old records, hence, Havkins or Havkings might also be found.

Additionally, there can be variations with double letters including Hawkkings and Hawkenss.

In terms of related surnames of the same origin, since Hawkings likely originated as a patronymic ("son of Hawkin"), names like Hawkes, Hawks, Haukes, or Haukins may share a common root.

Lastly, names like Haukisson, Hawkinsen or Hawkenson could also potentially come from the same origin.

Famous people with the name Hawkings

  • Stephen Hawking: an English theoretical physicist and cosmologist, famous for his contributions to the fields of cosmology, general relativity, and quantum gravity.
  • Harry Hawkings: an Australian professional golfer who, in 2008, became the youngest golfer to be awarded the prestigious Order of Merit.
  • Chuck Hawkings: a former American football tight end and tackle who played in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots.
  • Hathaway Hawkings: a film director and actor from San Francisco, California.
  • Erick Hawkings: an American author and motivational speaker who has written several books on leadership and success.
  • Annie Hawkings: a British actress who has appeared in television series such as “EastEnders” and “Bad Girls”.
  • Robert Hawkings: a former US Congressman who represented Louisiana’s 1st congressional district from 1983 to 1987.
  • John Hawkings: a British scholar, theologian, and philosopher, best known for his works on the philosophy of religion.
  • Jess Hawkings: a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Carolyn Hawkings: an American television and film producer, best known for her work in comedy series such as “Saturday Night Live” and “The Office”.

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