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Surname Hawkis - Meaning and Origin

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Hawkis: What does the surname Hawkis mean?

The last name Hawkis is likely a variant of the surname Hawkins, given that Hawkis is extremely rare and predominantly unheard of. The surname Hawkins is of English origin and has various possible meanings. It is derived from the Middle English personal name "Hawkin", a diminutive form of the name “Hawk”, which came from the Old English "Hafoc". This was a relatively common personal name and byname, meaning "hawk". In Medieval times, hawks were highly valued and trained for hunting, hence associating the name with nobility and power. Often, surnames during those periods were assigned based on an individual's personality, occupation, or geographical proximity. Therefore, the name Hawkins could symbolise someone possessing hawk-like qualities such as sharpness, focus, and agility, or could possibly refer to a 'keeper of hawks'. Bear in mind, the accurate interpretation might vary based on the cultural and historical context of the surname's origin.

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Hawkis: Where does the name Hawkis come from?

The surname Hawkis is a variant of the Old English surname "Hawkins," which derived from the personal name "Hawkin," a pet form of the name "Henry." "Henry" is a name of German origin, meaning "home ruler." The name Hawkis, like Hawkins, may also have occupational origins, referencing a hawker or someone who held hawks, as maintaining hunting birds was a popular sport among the medieval nobility.

Tracing exact geographical origins of surnames can be complicated due to historical migrations and the natural evolution of language. However, the Hawkis surname, like its variant Hawkins, is most commonly associated with England.

Today, due to emigration patterns from England in the past few centuries, the last name Hawkis (or Hawkins) is most commonly found in English-speaking countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It should be noted though that Hawkis is not a common surname compare to its variant Hawkins. As a result, specific information on its distribution might be harder to determine. Nonetheless, it will generally be found more frequently in the countries mentioned earlier.

Variations of the surname Hawkis

The surname Hawkis, often mistaken, is actually a less common variant or misspelling for many similar surnames of English Origin. The correct spelling, and most common variant of this surname, is "Hawkins." Other possible variations and similar surnames could include Hawkings, Hawkens, Hawken, and Hawkyns. It's also related to surnames like Hawkin, Hawk, Hawkes, and Hawks.

These surnames, including Hawkins, are patronymic surnames, meaning they were originally derived from the personal name of a father. The name Hawkins, for example, means "son of Hawk," with "Hawk" being a nickname for someone thought to resemble a hawk.

However, it should be noted that minor discrepancies in spelling can vary and multiple variations can exist due to translation and transcription errors, regional dialects and pronunciation, literacy levels at the time of record keeping, and individual preference. Thus, if you are tracing your genealogy and the surname Hawkis comes up, it may be valuable to consider these other possibilities as well.

Famous people with the name Hawkis

  • Andy Hawkis: British car enthusiast, actor, and YouTube vlogger.
  • Craig Hawkis: American business professor and author.
  • Lindsay Hawkis: British actress and television personality best known for her role in the sitcoms Absolutely Fabulous and Birds of a Feather.
  • Austin Hawkis: British model and actor.
  • Mark Hawkis: English-American actor, voice actor, and director.
  • Nicholas Hawkis: British actor who starred in various films and television series, including The Bill, A Touch of Frost, and Whitechapel.
  • Damian Hawkis: English singer and songwriter whose hits include “One Step Closer” and “The Logical Song”.
  • Laurence Hawkis: British music producer and songwriter who has produced and written for artists like One Direction, Rita Ora, and Amy Winehouse.
  • Cameron Hawkis: Scottish actor, best known for his roles in films like Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, and Salvage.
  • Gareth Hawkis: British entrepreneur and investor, best known for co-founding the online store ASOS.

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