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Surname Head - Meaning and Origin

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Head: What does the surname Head mean?

The surname Head is of English origin and is derived from the Old English "heafod", which means "head." It was typically used as a nickname in the Middle Ages for someone with a peculiar head, perhaps denoting some distinctive characteristics such as large, small, or oddly shaped. This could refer to physical attributes or personality traits, such as leadership or wisdom, as the head is also associated with intellect. It was common practice during the Middle Ages to refer to people based on their distinguishing features, and these eventually evolved into surnames. Additionally, the surname could potentially be locational, derived from any of various places named with this word, specifically Head in Hampshire and Headon in Nottinghamshire. The variants of the surname Head include Heade, Headde, Heed, Hede, and others.

Head: Where does the name Head come from?

The surname Head is English in origin and it is derived from the Old English "heafod," which means "head." It was most likely initially given as a nickname, often referring to someone who was a leader, or to someone who physically had a large or distinctive head. It is believed to have been first used sometime in the 7th century and can be traced back to Essex. Over the centuries, it evolved into several variations including Heade, Heades, and Heed. Today, it is a pretty common last name in the United States, England, Australia, and Canada. Major cities with a high population of people with the Head surname include London, Birmingham, and Melbourne. According to, by number, the top countries with the most people named Head are United States, England, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

Variations of the surname Head

The surname "Head" is primarily of English origin mostly found in areas like Kent, Somerset, and Wiltshire. Other variant spellings of this surname include Heade, Heed, Heid, Hede, Heades, and Heades, among others. The different spelling variations of this surname emerged over time due to factors like illiteracy, different dialects and accents, as well as the use of shorthand in writing.

It should be noted that "Head" in some instances may be an anglicized version of foreign surnames like the German "Hedde" or the Jewish (Ashkenazi) "Häde". These surnames might have also evolved from unique roots or meanings separate from the English origin, thus offering a distinct lineage and history.

The surname "Head" might also have patronymic variants where an additional 's' is added to mean 'son of', as in "Heads". Other derivative or locational surnames could be formed based on the use of the name in local place names, as in "Headman", "Heady", "Header", "Headon", etc. Over time, these surnames might have developed independently in different families and regions and may not necessarily reflect a common ancestry.

Famous people with the name Head

  • Eddie Head: American baseball pitcher
  • Roger Head: British actor
  • Pippa Head: British fashion designer
  • Moses Head: American football player
  • Sam Head: English footballer
  • Yvonne Head: American fashion model
  • Steve Head: English musician and record producer
  • Abigail Head: American actress
  • Asa Head: English muscian and composer
  • Emmeline Head: British artist and sculptor
  • Holly Head: American reality TV star
  • Claude Head: French Olympic athlete
  • Anneliese Head: Swiss singer and songwriter
  • Bonnie Head: Canadian actress
  • Diana Head: British journalist

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