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Surname Headges - Meaning and Origin

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Headges: What does the surname Headges mean?

The last name Headges is of English origins and is thought to come from Houghead, Old English for "hedge dwelling". It is thought to derive from an occupation; one who lived near the area’s hedgerows and was skilled in the cultivation of them. The surname Headges is also locally found in the town of Crich, Derbyshire, where the family is believed to have lived since the Middle Ages.

Headges is an uncommon last name, though found in Derbyshire, England and in some provinces of Ireland. It is also found in significant numbers in the United States, especially in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina.

The Headges family originated in Derbyshire were they were farmers and lived in hedge dwellings. The head of the family was responsible for the cultivation of the fields and for the maintenance of the hedgerows.

In the United States, the Headges family moved to Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina along with many other English, Scottish and Irish immigrants during the 18th century. Early immigrants with the surname Headges settled in Virginia, forming the main branch of the Headges family in the United States. Over the years, their descendants spread out to other states and the practice of farming and hedge building continued.

Today, there are many members of the Headges family in the US and in other countries. The value of hard work and dedication to their chosen craft is something that has been passed down through generations and remains an integral part of the family’s identity.

Headges: Where does the name Headges come from?

The surname Headges is quite rare and doesn't show up in many typical databases for surname origins. It's possible that Headges could be a variant of the more common surname Hedges. Hedges is an English name that emerged in medieval times and refers to someone living by a hedge or hedgerow, which were common means of designating property boundaries in rural England.

However, without more specific information or historical context, it's difficult to definitively determine the precise origin of the last name Headges.

In terms of its current commonality, a search for the surname Headges doesn't yield much information as it's extremely rare. If it's indeed a variant of Hedges, then the most common places you'll find people with this surname are English-speaking countries like England itself or the United States. But, given its rarity, we can't specify a region or country where it's especially common today.

Variations of the surname Headges

The surname Headges appears to be a variation of the English surname Hedges. There are several possible variants and spellings depending on regional accent, dialect, and misspelling over time. These include Hedgess, Hedgis, Hedges, Hedgs, Heds, Heads, Hedses, Headgs, and Haddges.

It's also worth noting that these variations can lead to entirely different surnames with the same root. For example, the surname Hedges might be found as Edge or Edges in some regions, by dropping the initial "H". Furthermore, the ‘s’ at the end could be omitted leading to variants like Hedge or Hedg. The surname could also transform by adding prefixes or suffixes to denote son of or from a certain place, like Hedge's or Hedge'son.

On the other hand, considering different nations and cultures, some surnames could be translations of Hedges, such as Haie in French or Siepe in Italian. Surnames could have changed during immigration or their origins could simply be from different trends in surname formulation from different periods. It could also be noted that surnames of the same origin may not look similar. Instead, they are derived from a common root or meaning. Overall, the exact origins and variations of the surname Headges are likely diverse and complex.

Famous people with the name Headges

  • Harry Headges: Actor/Stuntman
  • Nathan Headges: Singer/Songwriter
  • Richard Headges: Politician
  • Susan Headges: Television Presenter
  • Sam Headges: Radio Host
  • Craig Headges: Professional Golfer
  • Maria Headges: Professional Soccer Player
  • Sarah Headges: Professional Dancer
  • Fred Headges: Comedian
  • Billy Headges: Professional Baseball Player

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