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Surname Hermansen - Meaning and Origin

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Hermansen: What does the surname Hermansen mean?

The last name Hermansen is of Germanic origin and is derived from the personal name Hermen, which was an ancient Germanic given name. The name means “army man”, derived from the old Germanic elements “heri” meaning “army” and “man” meaning “man”. Over time, the name has evolved and been used both as a given name and a surname.

Herman was more popularly used as an independent given name in Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and Central Europe. During the Middle Ages, it became an adopted name in England following the Norman Conquest. As the name began to gain popularity in the British Isles and elsewhere, it started to be used as a surname. In some cases, the surname could have come from the short form of other given names that derived from Herman, such as Hermon or Hermanson.

The surname Hermansen is most common in Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands, although it can also be found in other countries around the world. Variations of the name include Hermannson, Hermanites, Hermanson, Hermans, Hermeen, and Hermanstorfer.

Today, Hermansen is still an predominant name in many parts of Europe and beyond, as a result of its unique meaning and origin. It is a reminder of the ancient Germanic ancestors who formed the backbone of many modern societies.

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Hermansen: Where does the name Hermansen come from?

The last name Hermansen is most commonly found in Norway today. It is estimated that some 11,000 people in the country bear the surname, including 2,400 in the capital Oslo.

The history of the surname is shrouded in uncertainty, however, it may have derived either from the Old Norse name 'Hermann' or from the Slavic personal name 'Herman'. The Hermansen surname became popular during the 19th century when Norway entered into a period of industrialisation. During the late 1800s, Norway experienced a surge in immigration, likely contributing to the spread of the surname.

Outside of Norway, the Hermansen surname is primarily found in the United States. While it does occur sporadically in other countries, including Canada and Germany, those sharing the surname in these countries are likely of Norwegian descent - the US census of 2000 recorded some 2,500 Hermansens living in the United States.

Overall, the Hermansen surname is most commonly found in Norway, although its diaspora can be found in other countries mainly linked to Norwegian descent.

Variations of the surname Hermansen

Hermansen is a patronymic surname derived from the given name Herman. The patronymic naming system was common in Scandinavia, especially in Denmark, and is still used today. Common patronymic surnames in many European countries are formed by taking the given name of the father and adding a suffix, such as -sen in the case of Hermansen. Variants of Hermansen can include Hermannsen, Hermanzon, Hermensen, Hermanson, and Hermason.

The different variants and spellings of the surname Hermansen provide valuable information to family historians. Knowing the various spellings helps to identify records that may be related to the same family and allows for the tracing of branches that may have used different surnames over time.

In addition to its variants, Hermansen is also a common surname in neighboring countries and is spelled differently in each country. For example, Hermansen is written Hermannsen in Norway, Hermanin in Finland, and Hermàs in Catalonia, Spain. Because of this, tracing one's ancestral roots could require researching multiple surnames.

The original surname of Hermansen may also have evolved into other surnames over time. Through intermarriage or cultural assimilation, a family's original surname may have been changed to something else, such as Hermans, Hermanis, Sheridan, or Sorrentino. Local dialect also plays an important role in the different spellings of the same surname.

In conclusion, Hermansen and its variants help to identify a family's origins and can provide clues to trace one's lineage through time. Knowing the different spellings and surnames derived from Hermansen also helps to identify potential family members and opens the door to further discovery.

Famous people with the name Hermansen

  • Stine Marit Hermansen: Norwegian business administrator
  • Sondre Justad Hermansen: Norwegian singer-songwriter
  • Henry Hermansen: Norwegian long-distance runner
  • Mia Gundersen Hermansen: Norwegian musical artist
  • Petra Hermansen: Norwegian curler
  • Charlotte Hermansen: Norwegian footballer
  • Ida Hermansen: Norwegian singer
  • Per Anders Hermansen: Norwegian clergyman
  • Tom-Andre Hermansen: Norwegian footballer
  • Nina Hermansen: Norwegian composer
  • Marte Hermansen: Norwegian footballer
  • Ruben Hermansen: Norwegian footballer
  • John Bernt Hermansen: Norwegian woodcarver
  • Cathrine Hermansen: Norwegian alpine skier
  • Kjell Hermansen: Norwegian composer

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