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Surname Hermans - Meaning and Origin

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Hermans: What does the surname Hermans mean?

The last name Hermans is of Dutch or Flemish origin and means “son of Herman.” It is derived from the Germanic personal name Hermann, which is composed of the words “hari”, which means army, and “man/mann,” which means man. The personal name was widespread throughout the Germanic world in the Middle Ages. The name spread to the Netherlands and Belgium, where it was preserved in its original form.

In Dutch and Flemish documents, the name began to be used as a surname in the 17th century. The name can also be found in the other northern European countries, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Scotland, and Ireland, where it is also used as a surname.

An increasing number of people of Dutch and Flemish descent are adopting the surname Hermans as their family name in North America. With the surname, comes a sense of pride in their heritage and a connection to the rich history of Holland and Belgium.

The surname Hermans has historically symbolized strength, honor, and bravery, and is a reminder of a shared connection to the past generation of Dutch and Flemish settlers. There is also a sense of loyalty to the extended family that can be found in the meaning of the name.

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Hermans: Where does the name Hermans come from?

The last name Hermans is most commonly found in the Netherlands today.

It is one of the most common Dutch surnames, with approximately 34,000 people carrying it. In fact, it’s one of the top-50 most common surnames in the country.

Hermans is also a common last name in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium. According to one estimate, the name was the 107th most common name in Flanders as of 2018; that same year, an estimated 13,000 people in the region had the name.

In addition, Hermans is fairly common in Suriname, a small South American country which was once a Dutch colony. According to one source, over 1,300 people living in the country at the time of the 2012 census had the surname.

The name can also be found in scattered pockets around the world, in places with long-established Dutch expatriate communities. One such example is South Africa, where an estimated 265 people have the last name. It’s also common in the United States and Canada among Dutch-American immigrants.

Variations of the surname Hermans

Herman is a surname of German, Dutch, English and French origin and is derived from the given name Herman. Derivatives of the name include Hermans, Hermanson, Hermanns, Hermon, Herrman, Hermansz, Harmens, Harmes, Harman, and Herrmann.

The variants of this surname are found in many countries across Europe and beyond. In Germany, the name is spelled Herrmann and is often found in record books since the 1600s. In Dutch, the spelling is Hermans or Hermansz, often found in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. In England, the name is usually spelled Herman and in France it is often spelled Hermon, although there have been cases of other spellings due to differences in pronunciation between French and English.

The surname is also found in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with variations such as Harmon, Hermon, Harman and Hermanson. Through the centuries, the spelling of the surname has changed due to migration and the many regional dialects that have developed over time.

The Hermans surname has also had many medieval coats of arms registered with the family name. The arms are typically a brown shield with three gold lions, a gold crown in the upper left corner, and a brown cross in the center. The crest is usually a brown lion's head with a crown of firey gold flames coming from its crown. This crest is said to symbolize the courage and strength of the Hermans name.

Famous people with the name Hermans

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme: Belgian actor and martial artist
  • Jeroen Hermans: Dutch professional beach volleyball player
  • Harry Hermans: Dutch Paralympic swimmer
  • Zinédine Zidane: Legendary French footballer
  • Kiki Bertens: Dutch professional tennis player
  • Jan de Graaff: Dutch politician
  • Arthur Hermans: Dutch composer and conductor
  • Emily Hermans: American professor of psychiatry
  • Mark & Alexander Hermans: Dutch twin actors
  • Dave Hermans: Dutch Olympic race walker

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