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Surname Hermanny - Meaning and Origin

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Hermanny: What does the surname Hermanny mean?

The last name Hermanny is of German origin and is thought to derive from the words "herr" and "mann" meaning "lord" and "man" respectively. This indicates that the name was likely used to distinguish a particular family from others in a certain noble class or position. It is also thought that the name may have been created through the combination of two family surnames, such as "Herrmann" and "Mann".

The Hermannys are thought to be descendants of a prominent noble family from the area, though the exact origin of the surname cannot be determined due to the lack of historical records. An early known example of this family is Johann Hermanny, a citizen of Cologne from the 13th century.

The meaning of the name is likely tied to its original purpose as a description of nobility or status, as it still carries that meaning today. It can be seen as a symbol of honour and respect, as well as a reminder of the individuals' ancestors. Though the exact meaning of the name can be a mystery, it is clear that it holds a great deal of importance for its descendants.

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Hermanny: Where does the name Hermanny come from?

The last name Hermanny is of Germanic origin and is common in Germany, as well as in many other countries around the world. It has spread mainly through immigration from Germany, especially during the 19th century. In Germany, this name is most often found in the states of Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt, Baden-Wurttemberg, and Thuringia.

In the United States, the name Hermanny is most common in Pennsylvania. It is also quite prevalent in Ohio, the former destination of many German immigrants. The popularity of this name has not waned significantly in the last century and is still quite common in many parts of the U.S.

The last name Hermanny is also found in Canada, especially in Ontario and Manitoba. Other countries with a large number of people bearing this name are Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands.

In all cases, the name could have spread through assimilation of other last names with the same spelling, like Hermanson, Hermannus, or Hermant. This could have happened when immigrants changed their immigrants settled and decided to adopt the local spelling of their last name.

Variations of the surname Hermanny

The surname Hermanny is typically of Germanic origin, and can sometimes be recorded with alternative spellings such as Herrmanny, Hirmanny, Hermani, Hermeinny, or Hermein, as well as with the same or similar pronunciations. It is a patronymic surname, derived from the personal name 'Herman' (male).

The surname is also seen in various regional spellings as ay befit its Germanic origin, specifically in countries like the Netherlands, where variations of the name include Harmanny, Hermans, Hermanns, Harmin and Hermine.

Other patronymic variants associated with the same root and often used interchangeably with the Hermanny surname include the German surnames Herrmann, Herrmanns, Hermen, Hermes, Hermin, and Harmin, as well as the Dutch form Harmens. The French form Hermant is also associated with the same root, as is the Italian di Hermonia.

In terms of alternate surnames derived from the same root, there is the female version of Herman, which is Hermann, and its numerous variants such as Harman, Herrmann, Hirman, Hermine, Harmin, and Hermes, which are more commonly found in northern European countries like Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Scandinavia.

In addition, certain cognates of the name such as Harmon, Hermanns, Harmanns, Harmanus, Hermsen, Harmsen, and Hermen are sometimes used by members of the same family. Additionally, the Hungarian Harmannus surname is sometimes used in place of Hermanny.

Famous people with the name Hermanny

  • Sônia Braga: Brazilian actress, producer, and singer
  • Gustavo Hermanny: French footballer
  • Mariana Ximenes: Brazilian actress
  • Rita Lee: Brazilian rock singer, guitarist and composer
  • Ronaldo Hermanny: Brazilian footballer
  • Leticia Sabatella: Argentine actress
  • Ariane Hermanny: French judoka
  • Júlia Hermanny: Brazilian singer and songwriter
  • Dani Hermanny: Brazilian voice actress
  • Jennifer Hermanny: Brazilian journalist, model and presenter

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