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Surname Hermannsen - Meaning and Origin

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Hermannsen: What does the surname Hermannsen mean?

The last name Hermannsen is of Scandinavian origin, derived from the personal name Herman and the word ‘son’, meaning “son of Herman”. It is commonly found in Denmark and Norway, often spelled as Hermansen, Hermannson, or Hermanson.

The first instance of the name’s usage was about 1200, when a man named Hermann was recorded as living in Norway’s oldest city, Trondheim. The surname has since spread to many other countries.

The word ‘Hermann’ derives from the Old German ‘Hariman’, which means ‘army man’ or ‘armful’. The Hermannsen surname is therefore a reflection of the armored strength and bravery of one’s ancestors.

The name can also be a source of pride, implying that an ancestor was a protector or warrior, although it is usually used more casually today.

The Hermannsen family crest typically consists of a red field with a golden, armored knight wearing a helmet, holding a lance. The crest is a symbol of legacy and strength, carrying on the spirit of the original “son of Herman”.

For those with the Hermannsen name, this is a proud and powerful legacy, with centuries of family history attached to it.

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Hermannsen: Where does the name Hermannsen come from?

Hermannsen is a patronymic surname derived from the Germanic male given name Hermann, which means “soldier” or “warrior” in Old German. It is a common last name throughout Germany, Scandinavia, and parts of Eastern Europe. It is also found in other countries, such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

In Germany, the frequency of the Hermannsen surname is 148.7 per million inhabitants. It is the 402nd most common surname in Germany, ranking above Müller, Schulze, and Schmidt. The most prominent bearer of the name is Clara Hermannsen (1790–1886), a German opera singer.

In the United States, Hermannsen ranks as the 4,001st most common last name, with about 14,886 individuals sharing the name, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. California is the state with the highest concentration (731 per million inhabitants) of individuals with this surname. Other states with relatively high numbers of Hermannsen are Washington, Arizona, Florida, and New York.

In Canada, the surname is more common in the province of British Columbia and Ontario than any other region, with about 10 individuals per million inhabitants sharing the name.

In Australia, Hermannsen is the 295th most common surname, and is prominent in the states of New South Wales and South Australia. It can also be found in New Zealand, where it ranks as the 217th most common surname, with a concentration of 110 individuals per million citizens.

Variations of the surname Hermannsen

Hermannsen is a surname of Scandinavian origin. It is most commonly found in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. There are a variety of variants and spellings of this surname including: Hermannson, Hermanson, Hermaneson, Hermannsson, Hermannsson, Hermannsen, Hermannsenn, Hermansenn, and Hermannsdatter.

The most common variation is Hermannson, which is a combination of the Christian name Hermann and the Scandinavian patronymic suffix -son, which literally translates to “son of Hermann”. Similarly, Hermanson is a combination of Hermann and the Danish patronymic suffix -sen, which literally translates to “son of Hermann”.

Hermaneson is a variation of the patronymic surname Hermannson, and is used mainly in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. It was adopted in the mid-19th century when a law was enacted allowing for families to take on a patronymic surname.

Hermannsson and Hermannsson are variations of the original surname (Hermannsen), and are again used mainly in Scandinavia. Both versions were adopted in the 19th century as a way to keep the family name alive.

Hermannsdatter is a patronymic form of the surname Hermannson, and is commonly used in Norway and Denmark. It literally translates to “daughter of Hermann”, and is a way for women to carry on the family name.

So, although Hermannsen may be a single surname, it has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, including Hermannson, Hermanson, Hermaneson, Hermannsson, Hermannsson, Hermannsen, Hermannsenn, Hermansenn, and Hermannsdatter.

Famous people with the name Hermannsen

  • Imogen Hermannsen: English Actress
  • Brenton Hermannsen: American Artist
  • Kathy Hermannsen: Canadian Voice Actress
  • Lena Hermannsen: German Artist & Writer
  • Lillian Hermannsen: Danish Poet & Playwright
  • Loy W. Hermannsen: American Retired Army Lieutenant General
  • Wayne Hermannsen: Canadian Business Executive
  • Christoffer Hermannsen: Danish Footballer
  • Remee Jensen Hermannsen: Danish Singer
  • Henning Mankell Hermannsen: Swedish Writer
  • William F. Hermannsen: American Attorney and Politician
  • Albert Hermannsen: Danish Handball Player
  • Parwin Hermannsen: Afghan filmmaker
  • David Hermannsen: American Professor
  • Tessa Hermannsen: Dutch Model

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