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Surname Hermanns - Meaning and Origin

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Hermanns: What does the surname Hermanns mean?

The last name Hermanns is of German origin and has been found in various forms throughout several countries. The Germanic root name of Hermanns means “army man” or “soldier,” and is likely from the Germanic element “her,” meaning “army." It is often associated with nobility and is found in numerous German families of aristocratic rank.

The Hermanns name has become a much-used moniker in America. Many with the name have made notable contributions in fields as diverse as medicine, technology, politics and the arts. Records show that early Hermanns turned up in the 7th century in parts of what is today Austria, Bavaria and Switzerland.

The badge of arms of the Hermannsname is described as a red shield containing a golden, armed and helmeted arm in a passionate embrace which holds a spear. This crest represents the heraldry of the Hermannsname.

The name and spelling variations of Hermanns are often found in German records. Common variations in spelling are Herman, Harmens, Harmanns, Hermans, and Homs.

The Hermannsname has endured through the centuries and remains strong today based on its Germanic roots and signals a proud German heritage and tradition.

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Hermanns: Where does the name Hermanns come from?

The last name Hermanns is most prevalent in Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria. In Germany, the surname is especially common in the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, and Bavaria. It is the 42nd most common German family name, with over 400,000 citizens bearing the name.

In the Netherlands, Hermanns is among one of the top 50 Dutch last names. The name is especially concentrated in the South of the Netherlands. The majority of those wearing the last name in the Netherlands are of German descent.

In Austria, Hermanns is the 55th most common patronymic, with over 25,000 citizens belonging to the Hermanns family. The family crest symbolizes the loyalty and integrity of the Hermanns family.

Outside of German and Dutch speaking countries, Hermanns is also common in the United States and Canada, especially amongst those of German ancestry. Many immigrants bearing the last name Hermanns came to North America in the yourteenth and eighteenth centuries in order to seek religious and economic freedom.

Although mainly concentrated in German-speaking countries, Hermanns is not unheard of in other parts of the world. The original spelling of the name, Hermann, can be found in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, and Poland, among other countries.

Variations of the surname Hermanns

The surname Hermanns is a German and Dutch surname with various spellings and variants which include Hermans, Herman, Hermann, Harman, Harmans, Harmann and Harmann. In some cases, the name has evolved into a more anglicized version of Hermans, such as Hermon, Harmon, Hermon, Hermanson or Hermanston.

Hermanns is derived from the Germanic personal name Hermann, Eric from the Old Germanic element ‘hari’ (army) and ‘man’ (man). This gave the old name ‘Hari-man’, which means warrior or strong. In medieval times, it was quite common for first names to become surnames, and with the hereditary system of family names, this is how the Hermon/Harmon surname came into being.

In Dutch, the surname is also spelt Hernandez, and in Irish, it translates to Ahern and O'Hearn.

The surname Hermanns is made popular by several figures in German culture, including Johann Hermanns, a German pastor who served as a pastor to the court of Württemberg; Karl-Dieter Hermanns, a German theologian; and Klaus Hermanns, a German football player who represented his country in the 1966 FIFA World Cup.

Famous people with the name Hermanns

  • Emil Hermann: Emmy Award-winning sound editor best known for working on The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  • Kirsten Hermann: German-American sculptor from Brooklyn, New York.
  • Julius Hermann: lieutenant colonel in the German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS during World War II.
  • Bob Hermann: American politician who is the current Oregon Secretary of State.
  • Bodo Hermann: German professional footballer who played in the 1970s and 1980s.
  • Henri Hermann: French sailing guide and photographer renowned for books on the coastal landscapes of Brittany.
  • Freerk Hermann: Dutch professional kickboxer who competes in the Lightweight division.
  • Benjamin Hermann: German ice hockey player who played for Geisgram EV Duisburg in the Oberliga.
  • Marika Hermann: German stage, film and television actress.
  • Ferdinand Hermann: Swedish artist primarily of drawings as well as pastel painting, water color, and oil.

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