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Surname Hermanis - Meaning and Origin

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Hermanis: What does the surname Hermanis mean?

The last name Hermanis is of German and Scandinavian origin. It is derived from the name Herman and is a patronymic surname, typical of many Germanic and Northern European nations. The name Herman is believed to have derived from an ancient Germanic word meaning “army man”, so essentially someone who is strong and a leader of an army or a group.

At the heart of the surname Hermanis is a sense of strength, power and leadership - qualities that can be found in the surname throughout its history. Hermanis is often associated with some of the most prominent members of old German families, from which the meaning of the surname is thought to have derived. Traditionally, it has been a sign of strength and success in family history.

In modern times, the surname Hermanis still carries with it a sense of strength and leadership, but also a sense of belonging and identity. It is often associated with people of strong moral values and those who stand up for what they believe in. It also carries with it a sense of responsibility and achievement. Additionally, it is a source of pride for many people who carry the Hermanis surname; when they see their name in print or hear it spoken, they are reminded of the rich history and heritage that accompany the name.

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Hermanis: Where does the name Hermanis come from?

The last name Hermanis is common today in many countries around the world. It is most widespread in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, and parts of Poland and Russia. The family name is of Latvian and Baltic origin and means "son of Herman" or "son of Hermine". Other spellings of the name include Germanis, Hermonis, Harmeņš, Hörmanis, Harmeņš, and Harmone.

In Latvia, according to 2020 census, around 8,000 people bore the last name Hermanis, making up 0.7% of the population. In Estonia‏ it is found in around 2,000 people, making up 0.1% of the population. In Lithuania‏, the name is more uncommon, with around 200 people bearing it, but still making up 0.02% of the population. In Belarus, there are 12 people with the last name of Hermanis, making up 0.002% of the population.

There are also Hermanis families in several other countries around the world, including United States, Germany, Canada, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. In the United States, the name is found mainly in areas of the Midwest and the Northeastern states, as many Hermanis families immigrated to America during the 20th century.

The last name Hermanis is believed to originate from a Germanic root, meaning “the army man” or “army person” and first became common in the Baltic states. Today, the name is found in many parts of the world, but most notably in the Baltics, where it is quite widespread.

Variations of the surname Hermanis

The surname Hermanis is derived from Hermann, an ancient Germanic first name. Common variants of the surname Hermanis include Hermans, Hermanes, Harmanis, and Hermaness. It can also be found with variations in spelling, including Harmanuss, Hermanuss, Harmanous, and Hermanous.

The name is quite common across Europe and there are a number of surname variations which may be related to the Hermanis surname. These include Germannames such as Hermann, Hermans, Harmann, Harme, Herme, Hermen and Hermannson. Variations of the name can also be found in Dutch, such as Hermans, Hermens, Harms, and Hermsen. There are also French variations of this surname, such as Hermans, Hermanteaux, Hermanes and Harris.

In Latvian, the Hermanis surname can be spelled as Hermansons or Harmanis while Lithuanian variations include Hermanais and Hermonas. In Polish, the surname can be found as Herman and Hermanski and Ukrainian variants include Herman and Hermon.

In Russian, this surname may appear as German, and some variants include Germanov, Germanovich, Germandt, and Germanenko. Americanized versions of the surname Hermanis may include Armstrong, Harmon, Harper, or Harris.

Famous people with the name Hermanis

  • Agnese Hermane: Latvian actress, singer and fashion designer
  • Krišs Hermanis: Latvian modern dance choreographer and director
  • Zeit Hermanis: Latvian actor and comedian
  • Kaspars Hermanis: Latvian author, playwright and screenwriter
  • Liene Hermane: Latvian producer and lawyer
  • Jānis Hermanis: Latvian actor and director
  • Juris Hermanis: Latvian contemporary artist
  • Andris Nelsons: Latvian conductor and composer born as Andris Hermanis
  • Kārlis Hermanis: Latvian farmer, arable farmer and local politician
  • Andrejs Hermanis: Latvian theatre, film and opera director
  • Phil Herman: German born Hollywood stuntman
  • John Herman: American born Hollywood movie producer
  • Laurence Herman: American comedian, writer and actor
  • Jessica Herman: American singer, songwriter and beauty queen
  • Jack Herman: American voice actor, producer and radio personality
  • Robert Herman: American film director and producer
  • Robert Herman, Jr.: American born actor, producer and director
  • Saul Herman: American lawyer and political adviser
  • Robert Hermanis: Austrian artist, designer and photographer
  • Sibelius Hermani: Finnish composer, musicologist and conductor

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