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Surname Hermanus - Meaning and Origin

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Hermanus: What does the surname Hermanus mean?

Hermanus is a surname derived from the Germanic “heri,” meaning “army” and “man,” meaning “man.” Put together, the name means “army man” or “soldier.” The name is most likely derived from a profession involving military service in a Germanic region.

The surname is found across many countries around the world, especially in Europe, and is among the most common surnames in Germany and Sweden.

The Hermanus surname can be traced back centuries, with record of the Hermanus family in England and Scotland appearing in the late 14th century. Notable members of the family include Peter Hermanus, a sculptor of the 18th century; John Peter Hermanus, pastor of Reformed Church in the Netherlands; and August Hermanus, a Catholic priest and missionary.

In times past, the name Hermanus denoted strength and a military background, and its appearance in numerous countries could signify the lineage of soldiers and mercenaries who took part in wars and travels across the continent centuries ago.

Today, the name conveys a sense of purpose and responsibility, as befits the original meaning as “army man.” Those who have the name Hermanus often hold positions of leadership and authority, often distinguishing themselves as pioneers in their chosen field.

Regardless of its origin, the Hermanus surname carries a strong connotation of courage and perseverance befitting of any “army man.”

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Hermanus: Where does the name Hermanus come from?

The last name Hermanus is most commonly seen today in South Africa, where it is one of the top-ranking surnames. According to the official website statistics for South Africa, Hermanus was the 36th most popular name in the country in 2020.

The name is especially common in the Western Cape province, where it was the 16th most popular surname in 2020 and in 2019 was the 8th most popular name. It is likely popular due to the city of Hermanus, located in the Overberg region of the Western Cape.

The name is also quite popular in Australia, where the Australian Bureau of Statistics states it was the 891st most common surname in 2019. It is also commonly found in the Netherland, particularly in cities like Breda, where this surname is the 107th most popular name according to the Dutch Bureau of Statistics.

In the United States, the name Hermanus is less common, but still present. The United States Census Bureau listed the name as the 76,811th most popular surname in 2019. It is especially present in states like Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Variations of the surname Hermanus

The variant, spellings, and surnames of Hermanus are many. Herman, Hernman, Harman, Harmann, Harmen, Harmin, Harmanus, Harmon, Harmenn, Hearman, Heerman, Hermann, Harmannus, Hearmin, Hearmann, Hearmannus, Harminn, Hermin, Hermanke, Hermens, Harmans, Hermessen, Hernanes, Hermansen, Harmenius, Hermen, Harmean, Harminius, Hernon, Hermanes, Harmines, Hermans, Hermenius, Hermyn, and Herminius are just some of the possible spellings.

Apart from the many spelling variations for the same surname, it can also be written in other languages. For example, Hermanus can be written as Hermanno (Italian), Hermanes (Spanish), and Hermans (Flemish, Dutch).

The Hermanus surname also has many related surnames. Names such as Hermon, Hermanni,Hardware, Harmer, Hernam, Harmeister, Hermes and Hermina, are all variants of the Hermanus surname.

Some surnames derive from the original Hermanus name. Such names include Hermanendt, Hermanney, Hermanson, Harmeney, Hermanneyer, Hearmann, and Hermanette.

All of the variations and related surnames mentioned above provide interesting insight into the long history of the Hermanus surname, and its potential ties to many other cultures.

Famous people with the name Hermanus

  • Tobie Hermanus: South Africa's leading artist and fashion designer, best known for his art-style photography and sophisticated designs.
  • Lizzo Hermanus: award-winning South African writer, activist and performer, best known for her debut novel "Censor" and her involvement in the women's rights movement.
  • Morne Hermanus: South African athlete known for his extraordinary abilities in obstacle races and cross-country running.
  • Marlize Hermanus: South African television journalist and current political analyst for eNCA, best known for her incisive and through investigative reportage.
  • Ruan Hermanus: South African soccer and rugby player, who most recently played for the Western Province Vodacom Cup Team.
  • Stephen Hermanus: South African sculptor and painter best known for his iconic and colorful sculptures, featuring figures from mythology and African folklore.
  • Robert Hermanus: South African executive chairman of the board for Amdec Property Development, best known for his vision in transforming new business ideas into successful businesses.
  • Janine Hermanus: South African news anchor and radio DJ, best known for her work on the radio station 5fm and her insightful interviews with world-renowned figures.
  • Allan Hermanus: South African religious leader and author, best known for his extensive travels around the country and foreign lands, spreading the word of Christianity.
  • Hayden Hermanus: South African entrepreneur and venture capitalist, best known for his investments in high-growth technology companies and startups.

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