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Surname Hermanek - Meaning and Origin

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Hermanek: What does the surname Hermanek mean?

The last name Hermanek is of Czech origin. The name means "army man" or "soldier" and was usually given to men coming from the Czech military forces. During medieval times, the name was often used as a title or nickname to identify a person in battle or a person who served in the military.

The Hermanek surname was common among peasantry in Bohemia during the early 20th century. It was not uncommon for a family group to live in a single settlement and many times they moved together as one clan or family. In some cases, Hermanek may have been a variation of the ethnically German names, Herman and Hermann. This is because the Czech region has been heavily influenced by German culture in the past centuries.

The name Hermanek is still common throughout the Czech Republic today. It is not only used as a surname, but also to refer to anyone who is a soldier, or someone who is courageous, brave and loyal. There is a certain amount of esteem and pride associated with the name and it is still a proud name representing military tradition.

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Hermanek: Where does the name Hermanek come from?

The last name Hermanek is most commonly found in the Czech Republic. It is one of the most popular last names in the Czech Republic and is especially common in the area of Bohemia. It is also frequently found in Austria, Slovakia, Poland, and Germany, although it is much less common in these countries than in the Czech Republic. In the United States, people with the last name Hermanek are mostly of Czech or Austrian origin, having immigrated in the early to mid 20th century.

On, the Hermanek surname is found in the U.S., as well as in Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, and Russia. Within the U.S., states with the highest concentration of Hermaneks are West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland. Additionally, there are higher concentrations of Hermaneks in certain counties within those states, mainly clustered in and around cities.

The Hermanek surname is a relatively rare one, but still found all over the world in small concentrations. As mentioned before, it is especially common in the Czech Republic, and people with this last name can trace their roots back to that region.

Variations of the surname Hermanek

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Hermanek are as follows:

-Hermánek: This is the original Czech spelling of the surname. It is derived from the Germanic personal name Herman, meaning ‘army man’.

-Hermán: This is the Hungarian and Slovak spelling of the surname.

-Herman: This is the most common variation of the Hermanek surname and is used in many countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, and elsewhere.

-Hermann: This variation is also common in many German-speaking countries.

-Harman: This is an anglicized version of the surname.

-Hermanski: This is a Polish variation of the Hermanek surname.

-Hermánecz: This variation is also found in Romania.

-Hermek: This is a Czechidized spelling of the original surname.

-Hermanekova: This is a female variant of the surname, usually used in the high equal sense or as a patronymic surname.

-Hermánekova: This is the female variant used in the Czech Republic.

-Hermkova: This is also a variation of the female variant, found in Czech Republic.

-Hermon: This is a Hebrew version of the surname.

-Hermans: This is the Dutch spelling of the Hermanek surname.

-Hemann: This is an Anglo-Saxon derivation of the Hermanek surname.

As can be seen, there are many different ways the Hermanek surname can be spelled, depending on the country and language the family is originating from.

Famous people with the name Hermanek

  • Jan Hermanek: Czech luger who won the silver medal in the men's doubles event at the 1968 Winter Olympics.
  • Dáša Hermanek: Czech alpine skier who competed for Czechoslovakia.
  • Zdeněk Hermanek: Czech footballer who represented Czechoslovakia at the 1982 FIFA World Cup
  • Pavel Hermanek: Czech footballer who played for FK Baník Ostrava, among other clubs.
  • Tomáš Hermanek: Czech footballer who played for FK Teplice in the Czech First League.
  • Viktor Hermanek: Czech footballer who represented Czechoslovakia at the 1920 Summer Olympics.
  • Václav Hermanek: Czech cyclist and the winner of the 1936–1937 UCI Track Cycling World Championship: Men's Sprint.
  • Vladimír Hermanek: Czech figure skater who represented Czechoslovakia in international competitions.
  • Vladimíra Hermanek: Czech figure skater who represented Czechoslovakia at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo.
  • Josef Hermanek: Czechoslovakian tennis player who competed at the 1950 Wimbledon Championships.

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