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Surname Hermani - Meaning and Origin

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Hermani: What does the surname Hermani mean?

The last name Hermani originated in Central and Eastern Europe, most commonly associated with people with German and Jewish backgrounds. The meaning of the name is thought to be derived from the Germanic personal name Herman, or its related forms Harmann and Herimann. The name is composed of two elements: hari, meaning “army,” and mann, meaning “person.” This indicates that the name has been associated with the military or war-related professions since its creation.

Hermani is an example of what is known as a patronymic name, meaning that it was first used as an identifier of a person based on their father’s name. In the case of Hermani, this would mean that each individual bearing the surname was likely the son of a man named Herman (or some variation of the name).

With its association with German and Jewish cultures, the name Hermani has come to represent a sense of honor and tradition. This is especially true for those whose families have maintained their use of the name since its early days in Europe. For many, the name has also become a source of great pride, as its long history has seen it worn by members of the Jewish, Christian, and other religious communities.

Ultimately, the last name Hermani has served as a testament to the importance of family and its place within each individual’s sense of identity. In a world of constant change, it is reassuring to know that certain parts of our identities can remain consistent, carrying the name and its meaning down through the generations.

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Hermani: Where does the name Hermani come from?

Hermani is a very uncommon last name, not found in the US Census and is generally considered to be of German origin. The name is most commonly found in Germany, particularly in the states of Bavaria, Saxony, Mecklenburg-Pomerania, Lower Saxony, and Rhineland-Palatinate. In Germany, the name tends to appear most frequently in cities and towns, such as Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Essen, Hanover, and Bremen.

Outside Germany, the last name Hermani can be found in pockets throughout Europe. Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Austria are the countries with the most significant populations of people bearing the Hermani surname. Farther afield, Hermani can also be found throughout Africa, specifically in South Africa, Ethiopia, and Morocco.

In the United States, Hermani is a very rare surname. The name can be found mostly in Louisiana, Minnesota, and New York. It is estimated that in total, only around 500 people are currently living in the United States with the Hermani surname.

Overall, Hermani is considered to be a fairly uncommon last name, particularly outside of Europe, with most of its current population found in Germany and other European countries.

Variations of the surname Hermani

The surname Hermani (or Hermanni or Hermanny) is of German origin, and is derived from a Germanic personal name "Herman", meaning “soldier”. It was usually given as a first name to honor warriors who distinguished themselves in battle.

Variants and alternate spellings of Hermani include Hermey, Hermi, Hermie, Hermilty, Hermin, Herman, Hermanes, Hermanis, Hermano, Hérmano, Hermán, Hermanni, Hermann, Hermansson, Hermanns, Hermens, Hermans, Hermanus, Hermen, Herrmann, Harman, Harmen, Armani, Armanni, and Arman.

In some cases, the surname Hermani has been Americanized, leading to alternative spellings such as Harmany, Harmony, Harmoni, and Hermon.

The surname Hermani has also changed throughout history. Upon emigrating from Germany to the United States, many Americans changed the spelling of the surname to Herrman, Herrmann, or Herriman.

Surnames of similar origin include Germanic names such as Herron, Herren, Ferren, Hermansen, Harman, Harmes, Harms, Hernes, and Hiemer. Variants of this same surname may also be found in other European countries, such as Ermani in Italy, or Ermanno in the Netherlands.

In conclusion, there are multiple variants and alternate spellings of the Germanic surname Hermani, as well as similar-sounding surnames of similar origin. As German backgrounds became more prevalent around the world, it became common to find variants and alternate spellings of the Hermani surname abroad.

Famous people with the name Hermani

  • Heike Hermes-Hermani: German Businessperson, author, and media personality.
  • Alexander Hermani: Maverick German Designer.
  • Sheri Hermani: American Coast Guard Petty Officer.
  • Max Hermani: German football player.
  • Benjamin Hermani: Swiss football player.
  • Michael Hermani: German Philosopher.
  • Nils Hermani: Hungerian entrepreneur.
  • Joe Hermani: American radio DJ.
  • Charly Hermani: French Socialite.
  • Robert Hermani: American Engineer and Astronomer.
  • Pamela Hermani: American celebrity chef.
  • Jen Hermani: American Motocross Racer.
  • Gary Hermani: American Educator.
  • Lyudmyla Hermani: Ukrainian composer.
  • Usman Hermani: Indonesian actor and producer.
  • Joan Hermani: American professional illustrator.
  • Gianni Hermani: Italian Sculptor.
  • August Hermani: German Composer and Pianist.
  • Phil Hermani: British Bassist.
  • Ralph Hermani: American photographer.

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