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Surname Hermersdorf - Meaning and Origin

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Hermersdorf: What does the surname Hermersdorf mean?

Hermersdorf is a German surname derived from the full name Hermersdorf-Marienburg. Hermersdorf is an old German surname dating back to the 15th century, when it first appeared in records. The surname originated in the small town of Hermersdorf, along the Salzach river in the Upper Bavaria region.

The name Hermersdorf is made up of two components; "herm" meaning war hawk and "dorf" meaning village or settlement. This suggests that the original bearers of the surname were most likely warriors who came from a small village or settlement.

In other parts of Germany, the name Hermersdorf is associated with those from a small town in the Rhine-Ruhr region. Here the prefix "herm" has been displaced by one that refers to a water source, lending to a more definite localization.

Today Hermersdorf is most commonly found in Bavaria and the Rhineland, where its bearers are recognized for their professionalism in business and cultural pursuits. Many Hermersdorf families pride themselves on their callings as musicians, celebrities, politicians, and even kings.

Throughout history, the Hermersdorf surname has been a symbol of honor and distinction, and the bearers of the name have often been referred to as people of high regard.

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Hermersdorf: Where does the name Hermersdorf come from?

The last name Hermersdorf is most commonly found in Germany today. According to Forebears, Hermersdorf is the 1,357th most common surname in Germany and the 4,142nd most common surname in the world. Most of the people named Hermersdorf are concentrated within Germany, particularly in the northernmost state of Schleswig-Holstein.

To get a better understanding of the geographical distribution of the last name Hermersdorf, one can explore the website. Here, a researcher can view a map of the last name distribution throughout Germany. According to, Hermersdorf is most common in the area around the small city of Lübeck. This is located in the northeast region of the country by the Baltic Sea.

Hermersdorf is a relatively rare surname. There may be fewer than 500 individuals living with the last name Hermersdorf within Germany. The name is more common in rural village settings and less common in larger cities. Though the name is primarily linked to Germany, there are also people living with the name in other countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. These people are likely descendants of German immigrants who left in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Hermersdorf name undoubtedly refers to a small farm town or hamlet in Germany. Though it is unknown where the place is or was located, what can be inferred is that the hamlet was likely located in the Lübeck area.

Variations of the surname Hermersdorf

The origin of the Hermersdorf surname is Germanic with the earliest known versions of the surname being 'Hermes', 'Harmes' and 'Hermessen'. Over time, the spelling of the same surname has changed to various transcriptions like Hermersdorff, Hermersdorp, Harmsdorff, Heermesdorf, Heermansdorff, Hermmersdorf and Hermansdorffer.

Hermersdorff is the most common spelling of the surname which originates from the town of Hermersdorf, located near Doebeln, Germany. Most people who change their surname to Hermersdorff to settle in other countries will keep the same spelling, allowing it to be localized in other languages like French, Dutch, Spanish.

Variants of the Hermersdorf surname include Harmon, Hermans, and Hermanns. Harmon is derived from a form of the original surname 'Hermes'. The Hermans surname is derived from a combination of the Germanic words ‘heri’ and ‘mann’, meaning 'army man'. Hermanns is derived from the Germanic personal name ‘Herman’.

By localizing the Hermersdorf surname in other countries, many other variants have emerged. Hermansdorfer and Harmsdorfer are variations of the same surname which has been localized in Austria. Other localized names include Heermesdorfer in Switzerland, Hermersdorper in the Netherlands and Hermesdorf in Belgium.

The Hermersdorf surname has spread across the globe as families have moved and adopted local versions of the name. A few more examples of surnames with the same origin as Hermersdorf include Emilson (Sweden), Harmuth (Austria) and Ermesdorffer (Luxembourg).

Famous people with the name Hermersdorf

  • Look Hermersdorf (German violinmaker)
  • William Hermersdorf (German actor)
  • Robert Hermersdorf (German composer)
  • Oskar Hermersdorf (Austrian actor)
  • Erhard Hermersdorf (German artist and writer)
  • Erich Hermersdorf (German accordion player)
  • Johann Hermersdorf (Austrian painter, sculptor and lithographer)
  • Max Hermersdorf (German golf player) 9.Gustav Hermersdorf (German author and poet)
  • Detla Hermersdorf (German actress)
  • Katrin Hermersdorf (German actress)
  • Christian Hermersdorf (German author and actor)
  • Karl Hermersdorf (Austrianreader)
  • Dora Hermersdorf (Austrian sculptor)
  • Ingrid Hermersdorf (German choreographer and dancer)
  • Ernst Hermersdorf (German editor and publisher)
  • Roger Hermersdorf (German actor)
  • Friederike Hermersdorf (German actress)

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