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Surname Hermersdörfer - Meaning and Origin

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Hermersdörfer: What does the surname Hermersdörfer mean?

The last name Hermersdörfer is of German origin. It is derived from the ancient Germanic personal name Hariman combined with the word "Dörf" which means "village" or "town" thus, Hermansdörfer literally translates to "Hariman's Village" or "Hariman's Town".

The Hermersdörfer surname is quite rare although it can be found occasionally in the German-speaking area. The earliest known reference to the name is found in 1347 in the records of the Court of haven of Saint Jacob in the city of Kyritz, Brandenburg.

The Hermersdörfer family is likely descended from the ancient Germanic tribe known as the Suebi, a group that inhabited regions of Central Europe during the early Middle Ages. Through time, the family spread throughout Germany and Switzerland as well as to some nearby countries.

The Hermersdörfer surname is still quite uncommon today. It is generally used by individuals of Germanic, Swiss, and Bohemian heritage. While the surname is not particularly common, it can still be found occasionally in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other European countries.

Overall, the Hermersdörfer surname is an uncommon but deeply-rooted name with Germanic and Swiss roots that is still found occasionally in some European countries today.

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Hermersdörfer: Where does the name Hermersdörfer come from?

The Hermersdörfer surname is common in Germany and Austria today. The name is derived from the German words hermer, meaning “army”, and dörfer, meaning “village”. It is an occupational name referring to soldiers from particular villages.

In Germany, the surname is most commonly found in the Rhineland-Palatinate region, as well as Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, and North Rhine-Westphalia. In Austria, the surname is most commonly found in the states of Styria, Vienna, Lower Austria, and Salzburg.

The last name is also found in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Hermersdörfer is also found in the United States, with many of the families first arriving in the 1800s, mainly Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.

In addition to being an occupational identifier, Hermersdörfer could also be used as a nickname for someone who had a strong connection to the area, or even as a hereditary surname for several generations of a family. It could also be a variation of another surname, such as Hermer or Dörfer.

Many people with the surname have achieved success in various fields, including science, medicine, teaching, art, music, and public service. Hermersdörfer is also the name of several businesses in Germany.

Variations of the surname Hermersdörfer

The surname Hermersdörfer is derived from a German hamlet of that name, which is now part of the City of Gottingen. The translation of Hermersdörfer from German to English is “Herman’s hamlet”. The variants of Hermersdörfer include Hermersdorfer, Hermersdorffer, Hermersdorff, Hermersdorf, Hermersdorf er, Hermersdorften, Hermersdorffand, Hermersdorffers, Hermersdorfen, Hermersdorffen, and Hermersdorfer.

The surnames derived from Hermersdörfer can be classified into two main categories: versions of the original name and related surnames. Examples of the former include Hermendorff, Hermendorf, Hermenthorff, and Hermenthorfer. Secondary versions include Harmsdorff, Hemersdorff, and Hemersdorfer.

The related surnames are primarily suffix/prefix variations of the two main categories. Examples include Hermsdorfer, Hermsdorff, Hormsdorf, Hormsdorff, and Hogendorff. Additionally, Hermersdörfer could be combined with other German names to create double-barrel surnames such as Hermersdorff-Bl sche and Hermersdorff-Hofmann.

Overall, the variants of Hermersdörfer are numerous and run the gamut from the original spelling to various combinations and suffixes. All of these options indicate the complexity of tracing a surname of German origin, and the importance of including multiple spellings to ensure accurate research results.

Famous people with the name Hermersdörfer

  • Jan Hermersdörfer: German entrepreneur, founder and Chairman of the Board of the Hermersdörfer Group, which is active in the automotive, electrical engineering, health care, and logistics industries.
  • Matthias Hermersdörfer: German inventor, entrepreneur, and director of the Upcycle4Good Initiative, focused on research and development of sustainable and innovative products.
  • Philipp Hermersdörfer: German entrepreneur and CEO of the Hermersdörfer Group, with a special focus on the vehicle technology segment.
  • Tobias Hermersdörfer: German entrepreneur and CEO of TUV Cert, a leading international provider of certification and inspection services.
  • Christine Hermersdörfer: German television presenter and journalist, best known for her current affairs program on ZDF.
  • Thomas Hermersdörfer: German physicist and author of several books on quantum mechanics.
  • Stephanie Hermersdörfer: German businesswoman and CEO of several companies in the real estate and financial sectors.
  • Karl Hermersdörfer: German entrepreneur and owner of HDL-Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, a leading manufacturer of environmental and technical products.
  • Martina Hermersdörfer: German entrepreneur, CEO of All in tech, a picture- and video production company.
  • Paul Hermersdörfer: German artist, best known for his award-winning photographs and paintings.

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