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From DNA Sample to Discovery: My Emotional Journey with iGENEA and the Surname 'Ho'

Family name Ho

Embarking on a journey of uncovering my family's history through iGENEA DNA test, I have experienced a whirlpool of emotions, from anticipation to revelation. The discovery of the depth and significance behind my surname 'Ho' has instilled in me a profound sense of identity and respect for my lineage.

My experience with iGENEA has been a profound journey into my family's past, providing a doorway into a history unknown before. The process has been a mix of excitement, curiosity, apprehension, and ultimately, profound understanding. The chronicles of our family, kept alive by the surname 'Ho' were unfurled in front of me like never before.

As I twisted open the tube to collect the DNA sample, a cocktail of emotions swirled within me. The simplicity of the test belied the magnitude of information it was about to yield. Dispatching the sample back to iGENEA, the anticipation began, a surreal mix of curiosity and uncertainty taking hold.

Upon receiving the results, the feeling was indescribable. It was a grandeur puzzle, a mosaic that intricately intertwined the unnoticed lines of my identity. Reading through the results, I was instantly transported back in time, visualizing my ancient ancestors, their lives, their struggles, their joys. The surname 'Ho' suddenly held so much more meaning, a badge of honor linking me to my heritage.

Something lit inside me as I examined the lineage of 'Ho', unraveled by science and presented by iGENEA. It was like holding a mirror to my past. What initially felt like a scientific exploration had now turned into a personal journey of self-discovery.

After this, my approach towards my surname 'Ho' underwent a paradigm shift. I began to view it less as an identifier and more as a bearer of my family's legacy that paved the path for my existence. Each mention of 'Ho' became a validation of my deep-rooted lineage.

iGENEA transformed my perspectives on family and identity. Each family gathering turned into a reminiscent celebration of that shared genetic bond. The stories, laughs, and tears of my family gained a newfound depth, woven finely with the threads of our shared DNA.

To sum up, my experience with iGENEA was undoubtedly enlightening. It was an invitation to a mesmerizing dance with history, accompanied by the melody of DNA strands. I am truly grateful for the whirlwind of emotions that this journey has stirred within me, making me appreciate my surname 'Ho' and my family in a deeper sense, a sentiment that I carry with pride and honor.

H. Ho

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