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Surname Ho - Meaning and Origin

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From DNA Sample to Discovery: My Emotional Journey with iGENEA and the Surname 'Ho'

Embarking on a journey of uncovering my family's history through iGENEA DNA test, I have experienced a whirlpool of emotions, from anticipation to revelation. The discovery of the depth and significance behind my surname 'Ho' has instilled in me a profound sense of identity and respect for my lineage.

H. Ho

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Ho: What does the surname Ho mean?

The surname Ho is of Chinese origin and has several potentially different meanings, depending on the specific character and pronunciation used. It is relatively common in China, and among Chinese communities worldwide, including in Vietnam where it is spelled Ho. In China, the surname is more commonly romanized as He, while Chinese-Vietnamese communities often use Ho. However, it is important to note that the meanings of Chinese surnames could significantly vary with the tone and character used. Some possible interpretations of Ho in Chinese contexts include "river", "harmony", or "peace". Like most Chinese surnames, Ho was adopted by families many centuries ago and has been passed down through generations. It is also the surname of many notable figures, such as Vietnam's revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh.

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Ho: Where does the name Ho come from?

The surname Ho is of Chinese origin. This last name stems from two different sources in Chinese history. The first source attributes the surname to a title of nobility during the Zhou dynasty (1046–256 BC). The second source points to a place named Ho in the state of Lu during the Spring and Autumn period (770-476 BC). The descendants from these nobles of the Zhou dynasty or from this place in Lu adopted Ho as their surname.

Today, the surname Ho is quite common in China, particularly in the southern parts and Hong Kong. It is also frequently found among overseas Chinese communities around the globe, such as in Southeast Asia, Australia, Canada, and the United States. It's important to note that the surname Ho is also prevalent in Vietnam as it was carried southward during historical migration periods. The use of the last name Ho demonstrates the widespread effects of Chinese influence across the globe. Variations of the surname Ho's spelling due to romanization may include He, Ho, Woo, and Hu.

Variations of the surname Ho

The surname Ho is of Chinese origin and is especially prevalent in southern China, Hong Kong, and Macau. The name Ho has several variant spellings due to different transliterations and dialects. Variants of the surname Ho include Hao, Hu, He, Hoa, Hoe, and Hoo. When romanized from Cantonese, the name is often spelled as Ho; when romanized from Mandarin, it's more commonly spelled as He or Hao.

The Cantonese pronunciation of the name is often transliterated as Ho, Hoa or Hoo, while the Mandarin pronunciation is typically rendered as He or Hao. In some regions, the surname is commonly written in a different character which leads to the alternate spelling Hu. Other variations of Ho used in other countries include Hoe (Vietnamese), Hao (Korean), and Hoa (Filipino).

It is also worth noting that the pronunciation and spelling of the surname can change depending on regional accents and dialects throughout China and the Chinese diaspora. As a result, the variant surnames for Ho can be extensive and diverse.

Famous people with the name Ho

  • Ho Ngoc Ha: Vietnamese singer/songwriter
  • Ho Thi Que: Vietnamese actress
  • Ho Xuan Huong: Vietnamese poet
  • Ho Chi Minh: Former Vietnamese leader
  • Ho Duc Hoa: Vietnamese actor
  • Ho Anh Tuan: Vietnamese singer
  • Ho Ngoc Chau: Vietnamese singer/songwriter
  • Ho Quoc Huy: Vietnamese musician
  • Ho Van Hue: Vietnamese actor
  • Ho Kwon Ping: Singaporean business figure
  • Ho Ching: Singaporean business executive
  • Ho Chung Tao: Taiwanese composer
  • Ho Feng-shan: Taiwanese diplomat
  • Ho Yock Lin: Malaysian singer
  • Ho Chiao-yu: Taiwanese actress
  • Ho Chung-Ping: Taiwanese actor
  • Ho Wan-I: Taiwanese actor
  • Ho Pong-Yu: Taiwanese actor
  • Ho Tzu Nyen: Singaporean artist
  • Ho Kuo-tsai: Taiwanese composer
  • Ho Man Tin: Hong Kong actor
  • Ho Ka-Kui: Hong Kong actor
  • Ho Yim: Hong Kong director
  • Ho Ka-Ming: Hong Kong actor
  • Ho Hoi Yan: Hong Kong actress
  • Ho Yu-hang: Hong Kong actor
  • Ho Chung-Hing: Hong Kong actor
  • Ho Hon-chuen: Hong Kong actor
  • Ho Mei-yee: Hong Kong actress
  • Ho Yin: Hong Kong actor

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