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Surname Hoar - Meaning and Origin

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Hoar: What does the surname Hoar mean?

The surname Hoar originates from the pre 7th century Old English word "har" and Middle English word "hor(e)" that could be used as a nickname for someone with gray or white hair, or a prematurely aged person, as these colors were associated with age. It was also commonly used as a name for a person living near a gray or white rocky outcrop or hill. Therefore, Hoar could have topographical origins, relating to a notable gray or white feature in a landscape, or could denote characteristics of the initial bearer. It is quite popular in the southwestern counties of Devon and Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Like many surnames, the exact origin and meaning can be difficult to trace due to the evolution of language and societal changes over centuries. Today, it is simply a family name passed down through generations. Variations of this surname include Hoare, Hore, and Hoares among others.

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Hoar: Where does the name Hoar come from?

The last name Hoar is most commonly found in the United Kingdom and Ireland today. It is thought to have arisen in the Middle Ages, when there were few hereditary surnames. It is uncommon in current census records, but it can still be found in certain parts of the two countries.

In the United Kingdom, the top three counties for Hoar are Suffolk, Devon, and Norfolk. Suffolk is the most prominent with more than 150 entries in the 1881 census. In Devon, there are fewer than 100 entries, but a significant number nonetheless. In Norfolk, there were around 50 entries.

Irishhoar families are most commonly found in Dublin, although some are scattered around other parts of the country. The family can also be found in small numbers in other parts of the world, including the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Hoar families that date back to the Middle Ages are likely to have Norman roots. Documents from public record offices in Suffolk, Devon, and Norfolk testify to the presence of Norman Hoars in those areas as early as the 12th century. There may be a link to one or more specific immigrant families who took on the surname.

It is possible that certain Hoar families could have been related in some way, but this would require further research. A comprehensive genealogical study of Hoar lines around the world would be necessary to draw any definitive conclusions.

Variations of the surname Hoar

The surname Hoar or Hoare can have a few different variants or spellings. It can be spelled "Hore", "Hoareau", "Hoarau" or "Hoaraw". It can also occasionally be seen as "Hoor", "Horeau", "Hooraw" or "Hooreau".

The variations of Hoar are ultimately related to the English language, coming from an old word that is similar to “hare” which was used to describe a person with gray hair or an old man. This name was likely adopted by those living in a region of France called Normandy; where the word ‘hōre’ was used to describe the color of hair.

The surnames Hoareau and Hoarau are derived from the same root. Both are found in both France and England. In France, the spelling Hoareau is more common, while in England the Hoarau spelling is more common.

The name Hoar is also related to the Dutch name Hoogerwerff, which is derived from the Old Dutch word "hooghwerf" meaning high court. The Dutch spelling is sometimes also seen as "Hoogwerf" or "Hoogwerff".

The surname Hoar can be found in numerous countries due to its migration through Europe during the past two centuries. It is also transported to other continents like North and South America, Asia and Australia through immigration. These countries may have various spellings for this same surname.

Therefore, the surname Hoar can have multiple variants and spellings, and is a common surname in many countries.

Famous people with the name Hoar

  • Arthur William Hoar (1842–1907): Canadian politician and journalist.
  • Samuel Hoar (1778–1856): American politician, lawyer and diplomat.
  • Sir Edward Hoar (1781–1855): English admiral and grandfather of Arthur William Hoar.
  • C. Stanley Hoar (1908–2002): Canadian lawyer, politician, professor and judge.
  • John Hoar (1903–2001): British cryptographer and RAF officer.
  • Richard Hoar (born 1931): American lawyer, politician, and judge.
  • William Everett Hoar (1927-2020): Canadian ichthyologist, zoologist and evolutionary biologist.
  • WA Hoar (1925–2004): Canadian geologist and explorer.
  • Leola W. Hoar (1916–2006): American lawyer and politician.
  • William Hoar (1920–2013): American Jewish theologian and rabbi.

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