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Surname Hoage - Meaning and Origin

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Hoage: What does the surname Hoage mean?

The last name Hoage is of uncertain origin and meaning as it is relatively rare. It may be a variant of the English surname Hoag, which is derived from a nickname, Hogge, for a swineherd, from the Middle English "hog". Another possibility is that it's an anglicized form of the Dutch surname Hoog(e), meaning "high" or "tall". This was possibly a nickname for a tall person or a topographic name for someone who lived at a high spot. Besides, it could be a variant form of more common German surnames such as Hoge or Hoog, which share the same meanings. On the other hand, some genealogical records suggest the family of Hoage could potentially be of Irish origin. As with many surnames, the exact origins may be lost to history or subject to multiple interpretations. It is fair to note that the exact meaning can differ based on geographic locations and language influences. Surnames often reflect occupation, personal characteristics, or geographical attributes of an ancestor.

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Hoage: Where does the name Hoage come from?

The last name Hoage is of Anglo-Saxon origin and it historically originated from the region of Britain and its surroundings. It is derived from the ancient personal name "Hodge," which is a diminutive form of the popular medieval name Roger. This could also suggest that the name could have been used to denote "son of Hodge," indicating a patronymic origin.

As with many family names, the surname Hoage is spread across different regions of the world due to migration and diffusion over centuries. However, with the massive population of the United States and the country’s history as a melting pot of various cultures and ethnicities, a significant number of people with the surname Hoage can be found there. Other countries where this surname might be commonly found include England, the origin country, and Australia. However, it is essential to note that in comparison with other names, Hoage is relatively rare. As surnames naturally evolve over time in terms of spelling and pronunciation, it is also possible that variations of the name Hoage could exist elsewhere.

Variations of the surname Hoage

The surname Hoage might have several variations and similar surnames due to differences in language, country, and spelling errors over time. Likely variations for the surname Hoage could include Hoag, Hooge, Hoge, Hoeg, Hoagge, Hoege, Hoegge, and Hogge.

It's also possible that surnames like Hog, Hogg, and Houge could be connected. Some people with the last name Hoage might have family origins or roots in places like England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland or countries across Europe, which could influence the spelling and usage of the surname.

Furthermore, Hoage could likely be a variation of very common surnames like Hague or Hogue. It's important to remember that many surnames have evolved and changed over the centuries due to migration, translation, and phonetic spelling.

Ancestry and genealogical research would provide definitive information as to the accurate variants and origin of the surname Hoage. It is important to carry out thorough research on the surname for reliable and accurate information. Keep an open mind for new spellings and variations, as even slightly different versions may be linked to the original surname.

Famous people with the name Hoage

  • Kai de'Hoiage: Professional cyclist currently on the UnitedHealthcare Professional Cycling Team.
  • Chip Hoage: Christian Country music vocalist, songwriter, and producer.
  • Pauline Hoage: Former Netflix actress and actress in the sitcom "Tales from the Woods".
  • Jacob Hoage: Professional baseball player currently playing in the Milwaukee Brewers organization.
  • Shea Hoage: Professional basketball player who suited up for the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury.
  • Natalia Hoage: Professional swimmer competing at the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.
  • Torin Hoage: Lyricist whose work has been featured in the musical "The Prom".
  • Max Hoage: Singer and musician who fronts the Swedish death metal band "Archive".
  • aVONi Hoage: Professional kickboxer whose name recently graced the cover of the Thai MMA magazine "Thai Sense".
  • Sylvia Hoage: Award-winning pianist who has performed at Carnegie Hall and around the world.

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