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Surname Hoag - Meaning and Origin

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Discovering The History and Cultures Behind the Hoag Surname Through iGENEA DNA Test

Prompted by curiosity regarding my roots, I took the iGENEA DNA test hoping to understand better the origin and history of my surname, Hoag. Much to my surprise, the results were a motley of cultural and temporal cross-sections that painted a vivid tapestry of my ancestors' journeys across continents and ages.

C. Hoag

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Hoag: What does the surname Hoag mean?

The surname Hoag is of Swedish origin, derived from the Swedish word "hög" meaning high or tall. It is likely that the name was initially given as a nickname to individuals who were taller than average in stature. The name can be found in various forms such as Hoeg, Hoig, Hoegh, and Hoge, depending upon geographical locations and dialectical differences. Over time, as surnames became hereditary, Hoag began to be passed down through generations. Therefore, someone bearing the last name Hoag today would signify ancestral roots from Sweden. This surname is found not only in Scandinavia but also in other parts of the world, predominantly in English-speaking countries due to migration and intermarriages. Please keep in mind that surname meanings can differ based on different cultures, regions, and their evolution throughout history.

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Hoag: Where does the name Hoag come from?

The surname Hoag has an English origin and is primarily derived from the Old English given name Hoga, or from the Middle English term "hogg," referring to a hog-herder. This signifies that the initial bearers of the surname might have been hog herders by profession.

There's also a possibility that Hoag could be a variant form of the surname Hogue, which has French roots. Therefore, it might also refer to people who originated from various places named Hogue in Normandy.

Today, individuals bearing the Hoag surname are commonly found in the United States, specifically in California, New York, and Minnesota. Besides, they are also located in Australia, Canada, and England. However, similar to many other surnames, the exact prevalence of the surname Hoag can vary greatly, and it may be common in regions outside the stated areas due to migration and the subsequent merging of families. As of the present time, the United States appears to have the highest concentration of individuals with the Hoag surname.

Variations of the surname Hoag

The surname "Hoag" has origins from Scandinavian countries, primarily Norway and Denmark, as well as from the Netherlands, Germany, and England. Variations of the surname Hoag include Hoge, Hogge, Hoeg, Hooge, Hogue, Hoagland, Hogeland, Hoch, Hochland, Hochfeld, andHoegh. Further region-specific variants exist like de Hoog or den Hoog from the Netherlands. In some cases, the name has been Anglicized to "Hogg" and "Higgins".

Spellings also involve dropping certain letters like "Hoga" and "Hoag", or adding others like "Hoaghan". In numerous instances, these variations result from an attempt to Anglicize or localize the name based on phonetic similarities. All these names can be said to trace back to either the Old Norse word hǫgg, meaning “strike” or “cut”, or the German word hōh, meaning “high”. Surnames that developed from these words were often given to individuals living on high ground or in a tall house, or to a tall or high-spirited person.

It's also important to note that spelling variations were common in the Middle Ages given the lack of standardized spelling rules and the influence of dialects.

Famous people with the name Hoag

  • Bjorn Hoag: American professional drift racer
  • Bo Hoag: American professional golfer
  • Charles Hoag: American architect of the early 20th century, responsible for some of the iconic buildings of Los Angeles like the Griffith Theatre
  • Erwin Hoag: American civil war veteran and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Grant Hoag: American professional snowboarder
  • Jared Hoag: British-American musician, member of the British rock band The Subways
  • Joe Hoag: American athlete, a former college football player and professional football coach
  • John Hoag: American computer scientist and co-inventor of transaction processing
  • Kay Hoag: American singer, songwriter and record producer
  • Leo Hoag: American politician and member of the New York State Senate
  • Marvin Hoag: American football coach, known for his involvement in the Tuskegee Institute football team
  • Orrin Hoag: American actor and comedian, known for his roles in the movies “Hoodwinked!” and “I Am Legend”
  • Peter Hoag: American Grammy-nominated engineer and producer, known for his work with Michael Jackson
  • Richard Hoag: American sociologist and professor at the University of Indiana
  • Samuel Hoag: American businessman and United States Navy veteran
  • Wade Hoag: American paleontologist and professor at the University of Alaska.

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