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Surname Hölderle - Meaning and Origin

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Hölderle: What does the surname Hölderle mean?

The last name Hölderle is a German surname derived from the given name Hölderlin, which is derived from two Middle High German words: "höld" meaning "brave" and "erl" meaning "nobleman" or "warrior". In its original form, Hölderlin was used as a given name to honor a courageous and noble warrior.

Throughout German history, the last name Hölderle was associated with bravery, courage and honor. The name was adopted by several families in Germany, Austria and regions of Tyrol. It is a popular family name among the German-speaking, Dutch-speaking, French-speaking and Scandinavian people.

The Hölderle surname is believed to be a symbol of power and prestige, and is often associated with families of high social standing. Today, the last name Hölderle is still seen among many families, representing generations of people who take pride in their heritage and continue the legacy of bravery, courage and honor.

The last name Hölderle is often found in a variety of spellings and dialects, depending on where the families with the name originate. Popular spellings include Höldergle, Höldensleme, and Höldele.

Across all its many spellings, the Hölderle surname represents a long, proud line of brave and noble warriors who have fought for their families and communities. Today, the last name serves as a reminder of their courage and spirit, and continues to symbolize the strength and legacy of their ancestors.

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Hölderle: Where does the name Hölderle come from?

The surname Hölderle is most commonly found in the German-speaking countries of Europe. In particular, it is most common in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein. There is also a small concentration of families with the surname in the United States, especially in areas with a large German immigrant population.

The origin of the surname appears to date back at least as far as 16th-century Bavaria, where it tapered off to a more localized area south of the Danube. It experienced a small resurgence in the late 19th century when families began to migrate more freely due to political changes. A notable 20th-century example of the surname is Carl Hölderle, the noted Austrian politician who served as Minister of Finance from 1946 to 1950.

The current estimated population of those bearing the Hölderle surname is thought to be about 7,000, mostly concentrated in the countries already mentioned. As we near the 21st century, the population numbers of those with the name remain fairly stable.

Although the name is relatively uncommon and only found amongst a limited number of people around the world, it can be a source of pride for those that bear it as it has a strong connection to German history and culture.

Variations of the surname Hölderle

The surname Hölderle is a German and Swiss-German surname. It is derived from the German word "Hölder", which means "oak tree". Variations of the name include Holderle, Hollärle, Höldenle, and Hoelerle. The spelling of the name can vary between countries, as its origin is Germanic. In Switzerland, it is spelt "Höldenle" while in Germany it is usually spelt "Hölderle".

The surname is uncommon in the United States and Canada, though some may have emigrated from Europe with the surname. Other surnames of a similar origin include Holdener, Holder, Hölderlin, Holderbusch, Höldener, Höllerle, Holderbaum, Hollerloh, and Holladert.

The surname can also be derived from the name of a place in Germany and Switzerland. In Germany, the village of Holderle is located in northern Baden-Württemberg, and in Switzerland the village of Holderle is located in Canton Valais. Surnames of a similar origin from these villages may include Höldenle and Holderle.

The surname is most likely to be found in Germany and Switzerland, though variations of the surname can be found in other countries. Many descendants of the surname will likely have adopted other spellings and surnames, but the original form of the surname is Hölderle.

Famous people with the name Hölderle

  • Annette Hölderle (German politician and Member of the European Parliament since 2019)
  • Fred Hölderle (American football coach of Cornell University during the 1910s)
  • Alexander Hölderle (Austrian alpine ski racer and Olympic athlete, who competed at the 1998 Winter Olympics)
  • Dieter Hölderle (German skeletal athlete, bob skeleton competitor, and two-time World Bobsleigh Champion)
  • Fritz Hölderle (German World War I fighter ace)
  • Christoph Hölderle (opera singer, music publisher, theater director, stage designer, and lighting designer)
  • Hermann Hölderle (Austrian astronomer and mathematician)
  • Margaret Hölderle (Austrian actress and singer)
  • Julia Hölderle (German fashion illustrator and sports instructor)
  • Ludwig Hölderle (Austrian-German physician and anatomist who specialized in describing the nerves of the heart)

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