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Surname Hölderl - Meaning and Origin

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Hölderl: What does the surname Hölderl mean?

The last name Hölderl is a German name deriving from the Middle High German word "Holtker" and is a combination of the words "holt" and "karo" meaning wood and friend. Literally translated, the name means "friend of the woods" or "protector of the woodlands," though whether this is a literal or metaphorical reference is up for debate.

The name is usually linked to the name Holder immediately, thus allowing for a myriad of alternate forms such as Holderle, Holderlin, Holele, Holderlla, and Hölterlein. Historically, the name exists as far back as the 15th century, though it is most associated with the southern German states of Bavaria and Austria.

The 18th and 19th centuries saw a surge in popularity for the Hölderl name, this as a result of the eponymous German poet, promoters of the German romantic movement, Friedrich Hölderlin.

The name is still highly popular in modern Germany, and can also be found in other countries such as the US (through German immigration), Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Modern Hölderls continue to keep the original spirit of the name alive: that of friendship and a desire to protect the beauty of nature.

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Hölderl: Where does the name Hölderl come from?

The last name Hölderl is most commonly found in Germany and Austria, although there are a few other regions where it can be found.

In Germany, the name is spread throughout the country, with the highest concentrations located in the states of Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, Hesse, and Rhineland-Palatinate. It is likely that the name originated in those areas.

In Austria, the Hölderls are found mainly in Lower and Upper Austria, where it is one of the most common surnames in the region.

Outside of Central Europe, the name is quite rare, but there are a few pockets of people who still bear the name, primarily in the United States. There are approximately 500 people with the last name Hölderl living in the United States, mostly in California, Texas and New York.

The name is also found in small numbers in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and even in a few African countries.

The surname Hölderl is moderately popular in Central Europe, with the majority of bearers living in Germany and Austria. While it may be quite rare in other regions of the world, the surname is being kept alive by the small communities of expats who still proudly bear this old Germanic name.

Variations of the surname Hölderl

The surname Hölderl is a Germanic family name that has spawned several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common variants include Holderle, Hollerl, Holderlin and Holderling. Some minor variants and misspellings of the name include Hallerl, Holerl, Holdel, Holderlm, Hilferl and Höndel.

The same origin surnames derived from Hölderl generally retain the same spelling and pronunciation but with slightly different spellings or minor additions, such as Haendel, Handel, Hoendel, Halderle, Heodle, and Höldle.

Due to the geographic mobility associated with immigration, some families of the Hölderl surname have adopted additional variants in order to retain its German-language roots. For example, the name has been seen in Canada in the forms Holderle, Holderil, Hellerie and Höldur. In the United States, the surnames Holderly, Holderlry, Holerly and Holderlie can be found. In Brazil, Holderli is a common variant of the name, along with Holderlitz.

Overall, the name Hölderl is a Germanic family name that has generated many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Different variants were developed in different countries as individuals with the same surname migrated to different geographic areas.

Famous people with the name Hölderl

  • Friedrich Hölderlin (1770–1843), German lyric poet
  • Karl Hölderl (1874–1926), Austrian general
  • Alice Hölderl (1924–2008), Austrian holocaust survivor
  • Gunther Hölderl (born 1929), Austrian actor
  • Emmy Hölderl (1931–1995), Austrian opera singer
  • Jochen Hölderl (born 1949), German journalist
  • Werner Hölderl (born 1962), Austrian footballer
  • Reentko Hölderl (born 1975), German-born media artist
  • Christian Hölderl (born 1987), Austrian athlete
  • Bernhard Hölderl (born 1993), Austrian footballer

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