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Surname Holderied - Meaning and Origin

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Holderied: What does the surname Holderied mean?

The last name Holderied has a German origin and is derived from the word Holder. This surname is associated with the occupation of one who held or maintained a position of authority, such as a mayor or a magistrate. ‘Holder’ is derived from an old German term meaning an officer or leader.

The Holderied family first appeared in the 13th century in Germany and spread across the continent to other countries. The most common spelling variation of this surname is Holderied, but other variants may include Halleried, Holdered, Holidayed, Halderyd, Haldreys and Haldreed.

Most Holderied families historically were farmers or landowners. In the United States, Holderied families came to the country in the late 19th century and early 20th centuries and generally settled in rural or small towns.

Today, Holderied is a relatively uncommon surname, though it is still used by some families in the United States and other countries. The Holderied family symbol is a circle containing nine points, each representing a family member. The Holderied family has remained proud of its heritage and continues to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as spending quality time together and celebrating their culture.

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Holderied: Where does the name Holderied come from?

The Holderied surname is predominantly found in Germany, Switzerland and the United States, especially in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In Germany, Holderied is most commonly found in the southern states of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg.

Holderieds have a long history in German-speaking countries and are of Swiss-German origin. The family's name is derived from the Old German word “hold”, which means “dwelling on a hill”. This could indicate that the Holderieds originally hail from a place situated high into the mountains.

Since arriving in the United States in the late 19th century, Holderieds have been integrated into American culture, and many descendants now live throughout the country. One example is Frank Holderied, a noted theatre director who was born in New Jersey in 1869.

Today, many Holderieds still live in Germany, and the name is especially prominent in the southern German states such as Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. Many members of the family have also settled into other countries, including the United States. Holderieds in the US can be found in almost every state, but larger concentrations of them still reside in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Variations of the surname Holderied

The surname Holderied is of German origin, likely taken from the Middle High German halde ("hill") and reide ("limit"), which together mean "hill limit." Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include Halleried, Halderied, Haldereied, and Hallrade.

Other variants of the Holderied surname include Holderid, Haldereid, Hallerde, and Hutteried. These are derived in a similar fashion from Old German halda, which means "halt" or "stop," and reidi, which means "boundary, limit, or edge."

Other related surnames include Holderieden, Holdried, Holrieden, Holridge, Hallerde, and Hutteri. As many of these variations are phonetically similar, it is possible that they all originate from the same surname though a separation of bearer or passage of time could have slightly altered their spelling.

The contemporary Holderied, Holderieden, Haldereied, and Halleride are the most frequently found spellings within Germany. Halleride is the common anglicized variant in the United States and is frequently found in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and beyond.

It is also possible that the Holderied surname is derived from English roots, specifically from the Old English holdrīc ("careful, provident"). This could suggest a link to other English surnames such as Hollerith, Holladay, and Hildred.

Famous people with the name Holderied

  • Michael Holderied: a German politician and member of the CDU in the state of Saxony.
  • Christoph Holderied: a German physicist and astronomer with expertise in exoplanetary systems and instrumentation.
  • Christina Holderied: a German singer-songwriter and producer.
  • Kathi Holderied: a German photographer and actress who has had roles in numerous films, TV shows, and opera productions.
  • Fritz Holderied: a German business executive who founded and ran numerous engineering companies.
  • Anton Holderied: a German operatic bass-baritone who sang in numerous opera houses around the world.
  • Annemarie Holderied: a German film director and producer with over 20 years in the business, including acclaimed films like Untergang.
  • Heinrich Holderied: a German stage and screen actor who played supporting roles in films like Goodbye, Lenin! and Der Untergang.
  • Carl Holderied: a German novelist and short story writer, most famous for his works Die Weg nach Westen and Der Müllhaufen.
  • Friedrich Holderied: a German physician who was a pioneer of modern cardiology and the first to successfully perform open heart surgery.

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