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Surname Holderle - Meaning and Origin

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Holderle: What does the surname Holderle mean?

The surname Holderle is believed to be of Germanic origin, and is an occupational name for the holders of hereditary farmland. The early settlers with the surname were primarily found in southwestern Germany, and later underwent a great migration to other countries with their trade-based skills and professions.

In German, the meaning of the name Holderle is “holderer of estate or land.” The Holderle family was initially recorded in the city of Worms, in the district of Alzey, in the Rhineland area.

As the Holderle family experienced great migration, many of its members settled in the former German colonies of the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, and most notably, Russia. In the 18th century, many of the Holderles were forced to leave their home region due to famine and unrest and headed to pre-Soviet Russia.

Today, Holderles still trace their ancestry back to Germany, although many may have been part of the larger migration to Russian, the Netherlands, and various other parts of the world. Members of the Holderle family likely maintain many aspects of German culture in their daily lives, such as food, language, and even music.

Although the meaning and origin of the luminaries Holderle may have changed and shifted over the past several generations, the impact of the unique and proud name remains. Holderles today can be proud of their Germanic roots and the part their ancestors played in immigrating and making their mark on places near and far.

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Holderle: Where does the name Holderle come from?

The last name Holderle is mainly found in German-speaking countries, particularly in Austria and Switzerland. The name was derived from either the German word "Holder," which means wooded hill, or the word "Hut," which means hut or lean-to.

The Holderle surname first appears in Germany in the 1200s and can be found throughout northern Austria and Bavaria today. But it's primarily clustered around the region of Vorarlberg, in the westernmost parts of Austria near the border of Switzerland and Lake Constance. The name is also found in significant numbers in Switzerland, mostly in the eastern part of the country near Zurich.

Outside of German-speaking countries, the Holderle name can be found in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and other parts of Europe. The name Holderle is not particularly common in the United States, but the 1900 U.S. Census found Holderles in at least 20 states, most of them located in the Midwest.

Overall, the last name Holderle is still quite common in German-speaking countries and is slowly but surely spreading to other parts of the world.

Variations of the surname Holderle

Holderle is an uncommon French surname derived from the Old German name Holdo, which means “holder” or “guard”. The Holderles family descended from a member of the house of Hildibrand or Hilderichere, which means “warrior” and “protector”. This family was active in the area of Orléanais in the 12th century and most of their descendants afterwards adopted Holderle as their surname.

Variants of Holderle include Holder, Holderer, Holderel, Holderri, Hilderbrant, and Hilderbrandt. Surnames boasting a similar spelling to Holderle are Hollerle, Hilderle, Holderl, Hilderl, Holdere, Holdier, Holler, Hilderlin, and Hilderling.

Holderle is uncommon, especially in the United States, where it barely reaches 0.005% of the population. However, the surname Holder is much more common. It can be found with 0.3% of the U.S. population and 2.4% of the population in France. Ultimately, the Holderles family and its descendants likely opted for other spellings or pronunciations of the name that were easier to pronounce or closer to the original version than the uncommon Holderle.

Famous people with the name Holderle

  • Roy Holderle: professional stuntman, worked with the likes of Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan and Hugh Jackman on blockbuster movies such as the Matrix, Mission: Impossible and The Mummy.
  • C.R. Holderle: Major General in the United States Marine Corps, career field artillery officer who served as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics at Marine Corps headquarters.
  • Devery Holderle: former American professional lacrosse player who played in the National Lacrosse League and Major Series Lacrosse.
  • Ryan Holderle: an American tap dancer and filmmaker best known for his performance on NBC's World of Dance.
  • Janée Holderle: Director of Intercultural Programs and Latin American Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
  • Geno Holderle: sports journalist, radio personality, and a former defensive tackle in the Canadian Football League.
  • Eric Holderle: Visual Effects Artist whose credits include Thor and The Hunger Games.
  • Sydney Holderle: American model and activist best known for winning the Miss Representation Title in 2013.
  • Elaine Holderle: surf artist from Australia who has become known for her unique combination of abstract and street art.
  • Michael Holderle: Editor-in-Chief for the independent publishing house, ThouArt Interactive, based in California.

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