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Surname Hopen - Meaning and Origin

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Hopen: What does the surname Hopen mean?

The last name Hopen is of Scandinavian origin, derived from the Old Norse personal name and surname Hopinn, which in turn is derived from the word hop meaning ‘small plant or twig.’ In the Middle Ages, the Hopinn name grew popular and was adopted by a vast number of family lines.

In heraldry, the hop plant was commonly used to symbolize the coming of the season of hope, or the arrival of a warm and bright spring. As such, people bearing the Hopen name may be seen to embody the principles of hope and optimism.

In modern times, the Hopen surname has been borne by a number of notable people, ranging from musicians to athletes. The Hopen family is known for its spirit of charity and altruism, inspiring many to do good works in their communities.

Though the origin of the name Hopen may have begun centuries ago, it still lives on. Those who bear the Hopen name can take comfort in the fact that it carried with it a spirit of optimism and hope, one that has been passed down for generations and will continue to carry on for many more.

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Hopen: Where does the name Hopen come from?

The last name Hopen is most commonly found today in the United States, with a large number of people sharing the surname appearing in at least twelve different states throughout the country.

The majority of Hopens have their origins in Norway, where the surname has been in circulation since the 17th century. Records show that some early settlers of the name made their home in the Midwest of America during the 19th century, establishing themselves in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Unsurprisingly, Hopens are most heavily concentrated in the aforementioned states, with the highest ratio of people with the surname in Minnesota. It is estimated that there are around 900 people named Hopen in this state, out of a population estimated to number approximately 5.5 million.

In addition to the Midwest of the US, many Hopens can also be found in the Pacific Northwest region in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. While the ratio is significantly lower compared to the Midwest, the population of the region is significantly higher and thus the total number of people named Hopen is not insignificant.

Finally, a small number of Hopens can be traced to the South of the country with residents of the name believed to be living in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

Ultimately, the last name Hopen is a significant presence in the United States today, widely distributed across multiple different states and regions throughout the country.

Variations of the surname Hopen

The surname Hopen has various variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most commonly recognised variant is Hope, which is found throughout the English-speaking world. Other variants of Hope include Hop, Hopes, Hopen, Hopens, Hopon, Hopons, Hoppen, Hoppens, Hoppin, Hoppins, Hopton, Hofton, Hoftun, Hoftune, Hopsun, and Houfen.

The German spelling variation of Hopen is Hoffen. It may also be seen as Hoven, Houven, Hovens, Houvens, and Hoefen.

The Norwegian spelling is Hopen, which may also be seen as Hopend, Hopener, Hopene, and Hopenes.

A variant of the Dutch spelling is Hopen and it may also be seen as Hoopen, Hoop, Hoops, Hoopens, Hoopenes, and Hoppers.

In Scotland, the surname Hopen may be also be seen as Ochopin, Ochopine, Ochopan, and Ochopans.

In Wales, the spelling Hopen may also be seen as Hopenau and Hopenaugh.

The surname Hopen is also found in Sweden and Norway, where it is spelt Hopen. It may be spelt as Hopen, Hopper, Hoppers, Hoppne, Hopenes, Hopener, Hoppens, and Hopperst.

In Denmark, the surname Hopen may be seen as Hopene, Hopen, Hoppen, and Hopper.

In Hungary, the surname Hopen may be seen as Hopeny.

In the United States, the surname Hopen may be seen as Hopin, Hoppen, Hopling, Hopkens, Hoppens, Hopken, Hopkern, Hoppenstahl, Hopenstein, and Hoppenworth.

Famous people with the name Hopen

  • Mikal Hopen: Music Producer and Studio Musician
  • John Hopen: Actor, writer, and director
  • Ioana Hopen: Romanian Political Highschool Adviser
  • Fred Hopen: Actor and Stuntman
  • Adair Hopen: Television Producer and Writer
  • Egon Hopen: Father of German Expressionism
  • Claudio Hopen: Opera Singer and Conductor
  • Chinua Hopen: Nigerian Novelist
  • MTV Hopen: Dutch Punk Band
  • Arnie Hopen: Professional Wrestler and Comedian
  • Ingmar Hopen: Swedish Painter
  • Joe Hopen: International Footballer
  • Jayesh Hopen: R&B Singer/Songwriter
  • Pete Hopen: Mental Health Activist
  • Terrence Hopen: Cast Member from MTV's Real World
  • Vance Hopen: Voice Actor
  • Danica Hopen: Musician and Singer
  • Shron Hopen: Dance Instructor and Activist
  • Will Hopen: Music Producer and Songwriter
  • Justin Hopen: Writer and Director

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