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Surname Iffland - Meaning and Origin

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Iffland: What does the surname Iffland mean?

The last name Iffland is a German surname derived from the Middle High German term 'ifflant', which is derived from two elements: 'if' meaning "edge" and 'lant' meaning "land". It is likely that the first person to bear this surname was a person who lived near a border or an area in which the boundaries of two countries or regions overlapped. As such, the name Iffland would have become associated with people who belonged to this region or who had a connection to it.

The meaning that can be extrapolated from the name Iffland is of a protective and watchful nature, as well as of a person who served as a defense or barrier watching over the boundaries of a certain area. The name can represent a person who cares deeply about certain boundaries, whether physical, political, or emotional, since an 'ifflant' served a similar role in the days when the name Iffland was created.

The early bearers of the surname Iffland most likely lived in the Bavaria region of Germany, near the banks of the Danube River. As the name was passed down the generations, its spelling may have changed to reflect various languages and cultures, such as Ifflant, Ifflandt, Iefland, Yffland, Ifflant, and Ifland.

Today, Iffland is still a popular surname in Germany, as well as areas around the world with many German-speaking immigrants. Beyond its origin, Iffland is a reminder of a family history and of the legacy of its bearers, who took great care to protect their homes and their loved ones.

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Iffland: Where does the name Iffland come from?

The last name Iffland is common in Germany today; particularly in the in the north-western parts of the country. It is most commonly found in the states of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Bavaria.

The earliest known recording of the name Iffland is from only as recently as the early 16th century. The records, from this time period, suggest that Iffland is an ancient surname derived from a place name. The earliest known location of this place is in the Osnabrück region which is now part of Lower Saxony. There is also another suggestion that Iffland could derive from a place near Wörlitz in Saxony-Anhalt.

Most people who share this surname in Germany today have a very strong sense of their family history due to the fact that the family has developed a strong hereditary relationship over the centuries. It is not just the country of origin that adds to the sense of belonging, but the fact that this family line is still very recognisable amongst the many countries that make up modern day Germany.

In addition, a lot of people with the Iffland surname can also be found in on the other side of the Atlantic in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The migration of the Iffland family began in the 1800s but it appears to have increased in more recent years.

Today, Iffland is still a relatively rare name and it is widely assumed that it is largely only found in Germany.

Variations of the surname Iffland

The surname Iffland has been linked to many locations and to many variations in spelling and spelling.

The most common of these variants are Iffel, Ifflant, Iffliner, and Iffelander. These variations come from the German prefix “if” or “iff” meaning “from” and the German suffix “land” indicating land or place. The surname Ifflnad could indicate a place of origin from the locations of Iffel, Ifflant, and Iffelander.

In Poland, the surname is sometimes spelled Iffel, Ifinand or Ifflan. Another Polish spelling is Ifflin, Ifflinn or Iffeloln.

In England and Scotland the surname is sometimes seen as Ifland, Iffland or Ifflant, while in Ireland it is sometimes spelled Iffeln, Iffluhn or Ifflen.

Other variants of the surname Iffland include Ifflen, Ifand, Evenland, Ifficland, Ifelant, Ifflantu, Iffylann, Iflund, Iffilen and Ifland.

In other countries, the surname has also been found as Eifland, Iffelant, Iffland, Iffilann, Ifflandt, Ifflandy, Ifflannd, Iffln, Ifflant, Ifflantu, Iifland, Uffland, and Uifland, amongst others.

The surname Iffland has also been found with other surnames such as Eiflant in Sweden and Ufflande in the Netherlands.

Famous people with the name Iffland

  • August Wilhelm Iffland (1759-1814): A German dramatist, theatre director and actor. He is considered to be the most important German-language dramatist of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
  • Helene Iffland (1817-1888): An Austrian actress and theater director. She was the first woman to perform professional theater in Vienna and was the only woman to direct the Burgtheater before it was closed for women directors in 1867.
  • Wilhelm Karl Iffland (1844-1922): A German pediatrician and epidemiologist. He is credited with developing the first practical method of diagnosing tuberculosis.
  • Michael Iffland (1837-1911): A German playwright, theatre director and actor. He was a major influence on the development of German romantic theatre and is considered to be a pioneer of impressionist theatre.
  • Andreas Iffland (1755-1815): A Swiss cartographer and painter. He is known for his historical and topographic maps of Switzerland and its regions and cities.
  • Christoph Iffland (1750-1822): A German Lutheran pastor. He was a leader of the Unionist movement in Germany, which sought to bring about a spirit of cooperation and unity between Lutheran and Reformed churches.
  • Friedrich Hermann Iffland (1778-1843): A German surgeon and anatomist. He is best known for his work in developing an artificial eye and for introducing a system of medical triage.
  • Agnes Iffland (1804-1820): A German pastry chef and cookbook author. She is known for her book, "The Art of French Cooking and Baking", which was published in 1816.

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