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Surname Iffländer - Meaning and Origin

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Iffländer: What does the surname Iffländer mean?

Iffländer is a German surname with several possible sources. First, it could be derived from an old German personal name, possibly in the form "Iffing" or "Iffo", that was recorded in documents from the early middle Ages. Second, it could derive from a cell name, or a place where a person lived, with the prefix "iff" indicating the direction or boundary of a certain area. Third, it could be derived from a given name with the stem "iff-", such as the female given name "Iffa" or the male given name "Iffo".

It could also be derived from a word meaning "shepherd or herder" in some German dialects, such as "iffeler". In Upper Bavaria, Iffländer could be derived from the word "iffländer", which means "to move from mountain to mountain".

The surname Iffländer is found mainly in Germany, but can also be found in the United States and Canada, mainly among people of German descent. It can be a variant of the names Iffland and Ifflender.

The name Iffländer is thought to have been adopted by people looking to distinguish themselves from others with the same name. It is also thought to refer to someone who had crossed a boundary or who came from a foreign land.

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Iffländer: Where does the name Iffländer come from?

The last name Iffländer is an uncommon last name today, mainly concentrated in Germany. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of Americans with the last name Iffländer are estimated to be fewer than 1,000.

The majority of Iffländers today are located primarily in northwestern and central Germany, particularly in the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria. It is also found in some parts of Austria, Switzerland, and France. It is particularly common in the city of Berlin.

Historically, the surname Iffländer originated in the Rhineland district of Germany. It is derived from an Old German word that means "shield of land". It was most likely given to people who worked or owned land in this region.

The last name has spread through marriage, emigration, and migration. In the 1700s, many Iffländers migrated to North America, mainly to the United States and Canada. Some Iffländers also migrated to other parts of Europe, such as France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Today, the last name Iffländer is quite rare, with an estimated population of only a few thousand across the globe. However, it is still possible to find Iffländers in areas such as Germany, the U.S., and Canada.

Variations of the surname Iffländer

The surname Iffländer is derived from German roots and has several variants and spellings. These include:

• Ifflender

• Ifflander

• Ifland

• Iffland

• Yffland

• Ifflaender

• Yfflaender

• Iflaender

• Iflender

• Ilflander

The surname Iffländer is also seen in various other countries in various forms such as Eifflender or Yfflender in the Netherlands, and Yfflande in France. In Ireland, it is sometimes spelled as Ifflenode, while in England, Yffelnden is the more commonly seen version.

In some parts of German-speaking countries, other variants of this surname include Iffeln, Ifenland, Eeffeln, Yffeln, and Iffenland. In Poland, it is spelled as Yfflan and in Hungary, as Yflan.

The surname is also found in some eastern parts of German-speaking countries under various forms such as Ifelnden, Yfinden, and Yfeltenden.

A variant of this surname, Oefflaender, is also seen in some parts of Germany, while Oefflender is an alternate spelling of Iffländer.

In some countries such as Ukraine, the surname is seen as Yfflend, and in Russia, as Yfflendin. There are even some versions of the name that have been anglicized such as Eflen and Ifland.

Regardless of its various versions and spellings, this surname continues to trace its roots back to its original source - the German language.

Famous people with the name Iffländer

  • Amadea Iffländer: German archivist, author, and television presenter.
  • Erich Wolfgang Iffländer: German graphic designer and professor.
  • Gisela Iffländer: German actress, playwright, and author.
  • Willi Iffländer: German journalist and author.
  • Erwin Iffländer: German architect, design educator, and professor.
  • Erich Iffländer: German architect, urban planner, and professor.
  • Jochen Iffländer: German sociologist and professor.
  • Erhard Iffländer: German artist, sculptor, and professor.
  • Günther Iffländer: German musician and composer.
  • Olaf Iffländer: German politician, mayor, and councillor.

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