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Surname Jaffar - Meaning and Origin

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Jaffar: What does the surname Jaffar mean?

The last name Jaffar is a popular Arabic and Persian surname. It is originally derived from the Arabic phrase for “river”, which is “Jaffar”. The name can also be encountered in English world as Gaffar, Gopher, and Jakar.

Over the centuries, the last name Jaffar has been adopted by many different cultures, spanning numerous countries and regions. It is commonly found in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, as well as many places in the Middle East. It is also quite popular in the United States, where it has been anglicized and adopted by many non-Arab or Muslim families.

The exact origin of the last name is not known for certain, as there are several plausible theories. It may be derived from an ancient Arabian river system, or it may be a combination of the two Arabic words “Jafari” (lion) and “Rabah” (generous).

The name Jaffar generally conveys a sense of strength, excellence, and courage. In Arabic culture, it is often associated with the strength and nobility of values of loyalty and justice. There is also a hint of nobility in its origins, as the name is traditionally associated with leaders and scholars.

More broadly, the surname Jaffar conveys an overall sense of intelligence, goodwill, and open-mindedness. Research suggests that those with the surname generally have a positive outlook on life, a strong moral code, and a propensity towards success.

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Jaffar: Where does the name Jaffar come from?

Jaffar is a surname originating from the Middle East and South Asia. It is mostly considered an Arabic last name and is commonly found among countries in the Arab world, including Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. It is also found in various countries in South Asia, such as India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

The popularity of the surname has resulted in a small diaspora of Jaffar families across parts of Europe and North America. This is particularly true in the United Kingdom, where communities of people with the Jaffar surname hail mostly from former British colonies. This has resulted in a significant presence of the surname in the UK, especially in major cities such as London.

The prevalence of the surname can also be seen in North America, where large concentrations of people from South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa reside. Cities such as New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles are hubs for Arab and South Asian immigrants, many of whom have come to the continents with the Jaffar name.

In conclusion, the Jaffar surname is a common one around the world today, having spread from its origins in the Middle East and South Asia into parts of Europe, North America, and beyond.

Variations of the surname Jaffar

Jaffar is a surname of Arabic origin, which may have different spellings, variants, and surnames of the same origin. In some cases, the spelling might be changed to “Jaafar” or “Jafar”, while in other cases it might incorporate a “-i” suffix, becoming “Jaffari” or “Jaafari”. Other spellings might include “Jaafar”, “Djafar”, “Djafer”, and “Dschafar”.

Surnames of the same origin can also be found, such as “Jafri”, “Jaffer”, “Jaffery” and “Jaffey”. Other variants include “Ghafoor”, “Ghufur”, “Gaffar”, “Gafoor”, “Gufran”, “Gaufron”, “Jafferi” and “Jafarey”.

The surname Jaffar is believed to be derived from the Arabic word “jafr” meaning "hidden, secret, or concealed", which was a name typically used to describe people with an arcane knowledge. It has also been used to refer to a tribal lineage from the Arabian Peninsula.

In some cases, the surname may also be seen as a variant of “Jafari”, which is derived from “Ja’fari”, a term used to describe followers of the Ja'fari school of thought in Shia Islam. This school of thought was named after the sixth Imam, Ja'far al-Sadiq, hence the name.

Jaffar is also a given name in the Arabic-speaking world, typically masculine but occasionally used as a female name as well.

Famous people with the name Jaffar

  • Hassan Jaffar: is an English rugby league player who plays for the Widnes Vikings in the Super League.
  • Abdul Razak Jaffar: a Malay actor, director, and singer notable for his appearances in TV serials set in Malaysia.
  • Tahir Jaffar: a Scottish football player who last played for Queen's Park as a midfielder.
  • Veena Malik: a Pakistani actress, model, and television host who frequently goes by her alias, Zarine Khan Jaffar.
  • Jaffar Ali: an Indian cricketer who played in the Ranji Trophy in the 1960s.
  • Mohamed Jaffar: a former Singaporean footballer who played in the Fifa World Cup in 1974.
  • Zubin Jaffar: a Bangladeshi cricketer who has played in the Under-19 Cricket World Cup and is currently a member of the Chittagong Vikings in the Bangladesh Premier League.
  • Muhammad Jaffar II: the ninth Sultan and 15th Ruler of Johor from 1891 to 1895.
  • Humayun Jaffar Khan: a Pakistani judge who served as Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court from 1929 to 1932.
  • Saber Jaffar: an Iraqi footballer who played as a forward for the Kuwaiti national team from 1983 to 1991.

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