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Surname Jameison - Meaning and Origin

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Jameison: What does the surname Jameison mean?

The surname Jameison is of Scottish origin, derived from the Hebrew name Jacob, meaning “supplanter” or "one who follows". In the Late Latin form, Jacobus, it became James in English. So, Jameison literally translates to "son of James". It was initially given to male offspring as a means of preserving the continuity of the paternal line and later evolved into a surname. This surname is observed in different variation such as Jamieson, Jameson, Jaimez, etc. Based on the regional differences and phonetic translations over thousands of years, several versions of the same surname exist today. The name is particularly popular in Scotland and Northern England. Like many surnames, Jameison might have also witnessed minor spelling modifications over time due to geographic mobility and phonetic influences.

Jameison: Where does the name Jameison come from?

The surname Jameison is of Scottish origin, deriving from the given name "James", following the common Scottish naming convention of adding '-son' to the father's name. The name James itself has Hebrew origins, essentially meaning “supplanter” or “one who follows”. So, the surname Jameison translates to “the son of James”.

It first appeared in records in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 14th century with instances such as Michael Jamesone in 1381. The name then spread to England and Ireland, and later, with emigration, to North America, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the British Commonwealth. Today, it can be found in all these places, but is most common in Scotland and English-speaking countries. However, due to centuries of migration and the evolution of languages, the spelling can vary, with versions such as Jamieson, Jameson, and Jamison.

Variations of the surname Jameison

The surname Jameison originated from Scotland and is a variant of Jameson which means "son of James". It has various spelling variations including Jameson, Jamison, Jamieson, Jamson, Jaimeison, and Jemeson.

This surname also has different ways of being spelled due to dialectal influences and translations. Such variations include MacJames, MacJamie, MacJamieson, MacJim, MacJimson and MacKimm. Each variation generally holds the same meaning - "son of James".

Furthermore, the surnames have variations depending on the region in Scotland where they originate. The regions in Scotland may also influence the surname syntax such as the prefixes "Mac" (Gaelic for "son") or "Fitz" (Anglo-Saxon for "son") could be inserted.

Due to emigration, the surname has also spread to other countries and thus gained additional spelling variations. For instance, in Scandinavian countries, it could be translated to Jansson or in France to Jaumont or Jamet.

To note, the prefixes "O" and "Fitz" are indicative of Irish and Norman ancestry respectively, whereas "Mac" and "Mc" are typically Scottish.

Famous people with the name Jameison

  • Elle Jameison: singer and songwriter
  • Joe Jameison: NFL football player
  • Chris Jameison: actor, director, and producer
  • Mark Jameison: NHL hockey player
  • Zach Jameison: comedian
  • Vince Jameison: baseball player
  • Mike Jameison: professional motocross racer
  • Nick Jameison: chef and restaurateur
  • Derek Jameison: artist and producer
  • Will Jameison: entrepreneur and technology executive

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