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Surname Jolley - Meaning and Origin

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J. Jolley

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Jolley: What does the surname Jolley mean?

The surname Jolley is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the Middle English term "joli," which means "joyful or merry." It was initially used as a nickname for someone who was cheerful or had a jovial disposition, before it transformed into a surname during the Middle Ages. Variants of the name include Jolly, Jollie, Joly, and Jolliff, among others. Many families with this surname can be traced back to regions in England and Wales. As with many surnames, over the centuries, people bearing this name migrated to various parts of the world, including Australia, Canada, and the United States, contributing to its global prevalence today. Thus, the last name Jolley signifies a familial lineage associated with joyfulness or merriment.

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Jolley: Where does the name Jolley come from?

The surname Jolley is of English origin and is believed to have been derived from the Old French personal name 'Joli', which means 'joyous' or 'cheerful'. It was probably used as a nickname for a jovial or cheery person. The name later became a surname after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Like many surnames, it had several spelling variants, including Jolly, Jolley and Jollie.

Today, the surname Jolley is most common in the United States. It is particularly prevalent in the states of Utah, Arizona and Idaho. In England, where the surname originated, it is mostly found in the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire. However, it is relatively uncommon compared to other surnames. Other countries where the surname can be found, although in fewer numbers, include Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. It is also occasionally found in some countries in Europe, like France and Belgium. Overall, the distribution of the surname Jolley is mainly concentrated in English-speaking countries.

Variations of the surname Jolley

The surname Jolley, primarily found in England and French-speaking regions, originates from the Old French "joli" meaning "joyful" or "merry." Over the centuries, the surname has adopted various spellings due to regional accents, language shifts, and phonetic interpretations.

These include Jolly, Jolli, Jollie, and Jolleye. The spelling "Jolly" is the most common variant, predominantly used in England. "Jolli" and "Jollie" are less common but still appear occasionally in records. The spelling "Jolleye" is very rare and considered archaic.

The name can also be seen as a double barrel surname such as Jolley-Smith or Jolley-Jones. However, it is also worth noting that variations might have developed into distinct surnames. For example, the French equivalent of Jolley is "Jolivet" and in Italian, it becomes "Gioli."

There are no significant variations in spelling within different regions in England, though the name Jolley is most prevalent in Lancashire and Greater Manchester. In terms of Americanized versions, the spellings Jolley and Jolly are both used.

Overall, while there might be multiple ways of spelling the name Jolley, they all share a common root, weaving a merry thread through the fabric of surname history.

Famous people with the name Jolley

  • Jarrah Jolley: Australian Paralympic swimmer who won two silver medals at the 2012 Summer Paralympics.
  • Cade Jolley: American professional golfer who won one PGA tour event and several tour events.
  • Elle Jolley: British Actress, best known for her role as Megan Bradford in British soap opera, East Enders.
  • Charlie Jolley: Australian cricket player who has played internationally and within Australia.
  • Delaney Jolley: American Actress and singer, best known for her lead role as Victoria in musical film, Mamma Mia Here We Go Again.
  • Hayden Jolley: American software engineer who has worked in the tech industry since the early 2000s.
  • James Jolley: British alt-folk musician, best known for his acoustic work including his albums 'The Summer' and 'Blue Kite'.
  • Kilee Jolley: American Neural Engineer who has developed a number of projects in the development of artificial intelligence.
  • Mackenzie Jolley: Established British songwriter, who had written the 4th most songs played on the radio of 2018 per the music publication Music Week.
  • Sydney Jolley: Canadian fashion designer who is known throughout the world for her one-of-a-kind pieces.

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