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Surname Jompe - Meaning and Origin

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Jompe: What does the surname Jompe mean?

The last name Jompe is derived from the old French "jompe", meaning "jumper". It is believed that the original bearer of the surname was a maker or seller of such clothing. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, this profession was quite common and often passed down from parent to child.

Jomperie, or jumpers, were warm and generally knee-length, wool garments with a large hood. They were mostly tailored for the upper classes, although similar jumpers were seen in poorer areas as well. The distinctive large hood made them popular amongst working-class men, while fashionable women often wore different variations of the jompe.

The family name Jompe can be found in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and the United States. In the US, the Jompe surname is primarily found in the Midwest and the West Coast. There are many possible variants of the name such as Jomp, Joomp, Jompes, or Jaumpe.

The Jompe family name is connected to a rich French history of craftsmanship and hard work. Those who proudly carry the surname often take pride in its meaning and strive to continue the strong heritage.

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Jompe: Where does the name Jompe come from?

The last name Jompe is a common surname found in central and western Africa, particularly in the western coastal regions. It is likely derived from the name "Jompa" which is a Fon-Ewe word meaning "wise or prudent." The surname is currently most frequently found in Ghana, Guinea, and Liberia. In Guinea, it is the 18th most common surname, while in Liberia it is the 10th most common.

In the United States where immigration of African-Americans from this region began in the 17th century, the surname Jompe or some variation of it (e.g., Jompa, Jompie, Jomby, etc.) is becoming more and more frequent. There is even a Jompe clan living in the city of Seattle, Washington.

In Britain, Jompe is not a very common surname, although it is found in some well-known individuals such as poet Roger Robinson and football player Nathan Jompe. Furthermore, it is also occasionally seen among people of Carib descent living in certain Caribbean countries.

Overall, the surname Jompe is found predominantly in the countries of Ghana, Guinea, and Liberia while various spellings of it are becoming more common in the United States, Britain and some Caribbean countries due to immigration and cultural exchanges.

Variations of the surname Jompe

The surname Jompe is believed to be of French origin, however, its exact history and meaning remain unknown. It is primarily found in Louisiana, United States. Variants of this surname include Jompee, Joumpee, Jompé, Joumpée, Jompée and even Joempe.

Additionally, the following spellings for Jompe are also found around the world: Jompay, Yompe, Yompee, Yompé, Yompée, Yompay, Joumpay, and Joumpée.

Surnames of similar origins such as Jempe, Jempee, Jempay, and Jompa have also been recorded. However, these may not be directly related to the surname Jompe.

Other surnames which may have been hyphenated with the surname Jompe include: Jompe-Weiss, Jompe-Gumminger, Jompe-Konig, Jompe-Fremont, Jompe-Vianden, Jompe-Foucher, Jompe-Vaucourt, Jompe-Cormeier, and Jompe-Warnier.

In conclusion, the surname Jompe is believed to have originated in France and is primarily found in Louisiana, United States. Variants of this surname include Jompee, Joumpee, Jompé, Joumpée, Jompée, Joempe and various other spellings and surnames similar in origin. Hyphenated surnames with Jompe have been recorded in the past, although these may not be directly related.

Famous people with the name Jompe

  • Empar Jompe: first became notable for her role as Shaina in the TV show "Física o Química".
  • Alejandro Jompe Martinez: successful model and actor, with starring roles in theatres and TV series.
  • Josué Jompe García: Mexican soccer player, part of the Club Tijuana professional team.
  • José Jompe Montes: Spanish soccer player.
  • José Jompe Abreu: Cuban soccer player, part of the Fortuna-Oleszczuk team.
  • Miguel Jompe López: Spanish football coach.
  • José Jompe Cortés: Spanish basketball player.
  • Eduardo Jompe Montero: Spanish singer-songwriter and guitarist.
  • Fernando Jompe Peña: Spanish footballer.
  • Miguel Jompe Luis: Spanish footballer.
  • Sofia Jompe Bello: TV actress from Spain.
  • Pedro Jompe Sánchez: Spanish actor.
  • Teresa Jompe López: Spanish dancer.
  • Alejandro Jompe Rodríguez: Spanish sculptor.
  • José Jompe Delgado: Spanish basketball player.
  • Raul Jompe Key: Spanish filmmaker.
  • Manuel Jompe Alcalá: Spanish soccer coach.
  • Matías Jompe: Argentinian actor.
  • Lourdes Jompe: Spanish actress.
  • Rafael Jompe Solís: Mexican sculptor.

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