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Surname Joneleit - Meaning and Origin

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Joneleit: What does the surname Joneleit mean?

The last name Joneleit is a German surname, derived from the personal name Johannes. The Johannes root was brought to Germany in the medieval era by immigrants from various parts of Central Europe, and is believed to have originated in the Hebrew name Johanan. It is derived from the Old Testament, translating to 'YHVH or Jehovah is gracious'.

The form Joneleit was found in German records as early as the 1520s, in the town of Schmalkalden, Saxony. This suggests that the name may have been in use in the area since before then, but there is little other evidence or evidence to support this. It is likely that the name Joneleit was used for a variety of purposes, including simply to show that the bearer was descended from someone named Johannes.

The Joneleit surname is now relatively rare, although it can still be found in Germany and some other parts of Central Europe. It is often seen in conjunction with the given name Johann or Johannes, and when used today it is a testament to the strong connection between the German and Jewish heritages of the past.

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Joneleit: Where does the name Joneleit come from?

The last name Joneleit is most commonly found in Germany, where it is an occupational surname referring to someone who worked with leather. It is found more frequently in the western part of the country, near the historic regions of the Rhineland and the Lower Saxony. Other countries which have historically seen this last name include Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

Today, it is estimated that there are 22,000 people with the last name Joneleit living in Germany. This makes it one of the top 1,000 surnames in the country – it is the 927th most commonly found surname. It is also observed across Europe, mainly in areas once part of the German-speaking regions, as well as in the United States, where about 800 people with the last name can be found.

The origins of the name date back to before the year 1725, when it was first mentioned in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, where the first bearer of this last name was a tailor named Johannes Joneleit. It developed in other parts of Europe and the United States over the centuries, where it is now most commonly reported in the states of New Jersey and Wisconsin.

Variations of the surname Joneleit

The surname Joneleit is most likely a variation of the German surname Joenleit, which itself is derived from the word "jone," meaning "God has given." The primary spelling of this surname is Joenleit, but other variants, spellings and surnames with the same origin are Joneleit, Joneleiten, Joenleiten, Joneleiter and Jianleit.

Joanleit is a common variant of Joenleit and Joneleit. It is also a variant of the surname Jona, another variation of this German name. This particular spelling is usually found in Austria, especially in the state of Carinthia.

Joneleiten or Joneleiter are another variation of this name. This spelling is usually found in the Bavarian region of Germany. It is also a possible spelling of the surname Jahnleitner, another variant of the German name Joenleit.

Jianleit is an alternative variant of the name Joneleit, largely found in Austria and Germany. This spelling usually signifies a family from Baden-Württemberg, a state in southwest Germany.

Jona, Jonale, Jonalay, and Jonaleiten are all alternatives of the name Joenleit, and by extension, Joneleit. These surnames were found in Austria in the early twentieth century, and are derived from the forename Johann.

In conclusion, the main spelling of the German surname Joneleit is Joenleit, but alternative variants, spellings and surnames with the same origin are Joneleit, Joneleiten, Joenleiten, Joneleiter, Jianleit, Jona, Jonale, Jonalay, and Jonaleiten. These surnames are often found in Austria and Germany.

Famous people with the name Joneleit

  • Dagmara Joneleit: Actor
  • Torsten Joneleit: Film Music Composer
  • Giselle Joneleit: Singer/Songwriter
  • Melissa Joneleit: Actress
  • Michael Joneleit: Director and Producer
  • Maren Joneleit: Art Curator
  • Michael Joneleit: Television Host
  • Max Joneleit: Professional Skateboarder
  • Anna Joneleit: Musician
  • Robert Joneleit: Visual Effects Artist
  • Inka Joneleit: Gymnast
  • Ursula Joneleit: Voice Actress
  • Jayce Joneleit: Cartoon Voice Actor
  • Adam Joneleit: Musician and Activist
  • Niclas Joneleit: Skateboarder
  • Mortiz Joneleit: Assisting Motion Graphics Artist
  • Maeve Joneleit: Professional Figure Skater
  • Fabian Joneleit: Professional Archer
  • Rich Joneleit: Former Professional Basketball Player

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