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Surname Juhlian - Meaning and Origin

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Juhlian: What does the surname Juhlian mean?

The last name Juhlian is of German origin and is believed to derive from the given name Johann. It is usually believed to have been a nickname for someone from the region of Jülich, an old duchy in modern day Germany. The given name is based on John, derived from the Hebrew meaning “God is gracious.”

Juhlian is an uncommon name in the US, but is more common in Germany, where many variants of the name are found. Variants of the last name Juhlian are Juhel, Jule, Jouhel and Juhla.

Juhlian is an occupational surname originally used to denote a family of master craftsmen and artisans, most likely indicating a profession related to woodwork or leatherwork. This indicates that a member of the family had significant enough skill, creativity, and trade at the time to be given this nickname.

The Juhlian surname is, therefore, a tangible link to the craftsmen and artisans of the past, with a proud history of hard work and dedication to an ancient trade. While the name is no longer as widely represented in the US, it is still seen prominently in Germany today and associated with a long history of excellence in craftsmanship.

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Juhlian: Where does the name Juhlian come from?

The last name JUHLIAN is most commonly found in Scandanavian countries, including Denmark and Sweden. It is thought that the name has its roots as a patronymic surname which references the father. A patronymic surname is one which is formed with the father’s given name, typically with the addition of “-son” in Scandanavia.

The JUHLIAN last name is found fairly prominently in Denmark, where it is the 150th most common surname. An estimated 1,500 people in Denmark have the surname according to the national population census. It is also found in Sweden, where it is the 1020th most common last name and around 600 people have the surname.

There are also various small pockets of people with the JUHLIAN surname scattered throughout other countries in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany. Outside of Europe, the surname is also found in countries in the Americas, including Canada, the United States and Brazil. The JUHLIAN name is also found in countries in Asia including Japan, Korea, China, India and Pakistan.

The JUHLIAN last name can be an unusual name wherever it is found, but it still plays an important role in helping to trace family histories and links between families in different countries. Today, the JUHLIAN surname is found in countries throughout the world, from Scandinavia to the Americas and even Asia.

Variations of the surname Juhlian

The surname Juhlian is of German origin and can have several different spellings. It is most often spelled as Juhlian, but people with this surname can also spell it as Julien, Juhlein, Jehle, Gehlen, Julein, Gelen, and Juleen. It is often confused with a similar Swedish surnames such as Julle, Jähle, and Juul.

The root of the Juhlian surname is derived from two German words, "Juhle" and "Gehle". Juhle is derived from the Old High German word "juhal" which means "hunt" or "battle". Gehle is derived from the Old High German "gehohilaz", meaning "pig keeper". Combined, the two words mean "hunter-pig keeper". This may have been a job that the original bearer of the name, or their ancestors, held.

Variants of the Juhlian surname can be found in the United States, Canada, France, and Australia. Different forms of the surname are often found in immigrant cultures. In France, the surname can be found as Julien, Jehle, Julein, or Gelen, while in Canada it can be found as Julle or Juul. In the United States, it is often spelled Juhlein or Juleen.

The spelling Juhlon may be seen as a variant of Juhlian, however, this is likely a misspelling.

In conclusion, the surname Juhlian is of German origin and can have several different spellings. It is often confused with a similar Swedish surnames such as Julle, Jähle, and Juul. Variants of the Juhlian surname can be found in the United States, Canada, France, and Australia, with different forms of the surname often found in immigrant cultures.

Famous people with the name Juhlian

  • Gianni Juhlian: A professor of political science at the Faculty of Political Sciences at San Pablo-CEU University and former secretary of Institutions and Regimes of the Government of Spain.
  • Ellen Juulian: A Danish actor, director and former archaeologist known for her work on the television show “Koldt Blod” and the film “Dragenes Forbandelse”.
  • William Juhlian: An American composer best known for writing the popular song “Love is a Fire That Burns”.
  • Vincent Juhlian: A French philosopher, sociologist and writer best known for his book, “The Social Life of Tragedy”.
  • Bjorn Juhlian: A Norwegian bank executive and economist who served as the minister of finance for the Government of Norway from 2009 to 2013.
  • Linda Juhlian: A Swedish composer and musician best known for her composition “Kom” and her score for the film “Eterna,” which was nominated for Best Music at the Bodil Awards.
  • Erik Juhlian: A Danish broadcaster and publisher known for his work with the public television station DR and the newspaper Berlingske.
  • Markus Juhlian: A German author, filmmaker and entrepreneur whose books include “Winning in a Multi-Cultural World” and “The Power of Icebergs.”
  • Edvin Juhlian: An Icelandic businessman who served as the Director of IMG, with holdings in companies including Toyota, Uniqlo and the music streaming service Tidal.
  • Caylah Juhlian: A Danish actress, model and singer known for her roles in “Code Blue” and the television series “When Fish Get Legally Married.”

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