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Surname Juhlien - Meaning and Origin

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Juhlien: What does the surname Juhlien mean?

The surname Juhlien has German origins and is believed to have entered into England in the medieval period. It is thought to derive from the personal names ‘Juhl’ and ‘Juhlin’. Specifically, it is thought that the name arrived in Britain with the influx of Lutheran Protestants in the 16th century.

The literal meaning has been interpreted to mean young hunter. This is derived from the German word ‘jagen’ which means to hunt. It may also have derived from a locational reference, as there is a place in Germany called Juhlheim.

Juhlien is not a common surname and is not particularly well-known, however, it is believed that there are around 500 of this surname living in the world today. Many families are not aware of the origin of the surname, as it is believed to have been changed to Juhlien through various pronunciations during immigration.

The surname Juhlien is believed to have been carried by notable public figures throughout history, including Ragnar Juhlien, a famous Finnish musician. The surname is also listed in a series of World War One Rolls of Honour.

Overall, the surname Juhlien has German origins and is believed to derive from the personal names ‘Juhl’ and ‘Juhlin’. It has the literal meaning of young hunter or may derive from a locational reference. Juhlien is a rare surname and is thought to have been changed through pronunciation during immigration. The name has been carried by notable public figures throughout history, including a Finnish musician.

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Juhlien: Where does the name Juhlien come from?

Juhlien is a Finnish surname, so it is most commonly found in Finland and other countries with significant Finnish populations. In Finland, Juhlien is the 164th most common last name, with approximately 4,300 people (or 0.06 % of the population) having it. People with the Juhlien surname also live in Sweden, where it is slightly less common, with around 2,600 people having it (0.026 % of the population).

In the United States, there are approximately 238 people with the last name Juhlien, most of whom are located in the Midwest and Upper Midwest regions. The states with the most Juhlien populations are Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. Juhlien is also found in Australia, Norway, Canada, and Estonia.

Interestingly, the popularity of the surname Juhlien has decreased in Finland over the last century. In 1910, it was the 94th most popular surname in the country, while in 2020 it had decreased to 164th place. This is likely due to migrations, as Finns have spread throughout the world, particularly to the United States. With so few Juhlien people living in Finland today, it is difficult to establish a unique Juhlien culture. Nevertheless, those who have the surname Juhlien remain proud of their Finnish heritage.

Variations of the surname Juhlien

The variant spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Juhlien include:

Juhlien, Juhlaen, Juhlehen, Juhlaenen, Juulien, Juulienen, Juullaen and Juullehen.

The origin of the Juhlien surname can be traced back to Sweden and the original name of Juhlaen. In Sweden Juhlaen has traditionally been used as a surname to indicate a person who comes from the small town of Juhlaen, which is located near the border of Norway. The name was originally spelled Juhlien until spelling variations began to appear in different regions of Sweden and Finland.

In the Northern parts of Finland, the spelling of Juhlien changed to Juulien or Juulienen, with the first spelling usually found in the Southern regions of Finland. The spelling of Juulien or Juulienen is still very common in the Northern parts of Finland.

In some other Scandinavian countries, including Norway and Denmark, the spelling of Juhlien has been changed to Juhlaen, with the first spelling usually found in the Southern regions. In the Netherlands, the spelling of Juhlien has changed to Juhlehen or Juullehen.

In the United States, the Juhlien surname is more commonly spelled Juulien or Juulaen, with the first spelling usually found in the Midwest and Central states. In the US, the name Juhlien can also be found spelled as Juulienen or Juulaenen.

Overall, the surname Juhlien, with its various spellings and forms, has traveled around the world and can still be found in many countries, although its variations are more common in some than in others.

Famous people with the name Juhlien

  • Uwe Juhlien: Uwe Juhlien is a German actor, director, and writer. He was born in 1957 and is known for his roles in various TV series, as well as his Shakespeare adaptations.
  • Malte Juhlien: Malte Juhlien is a German theatre and film actor who has appeared in numerous German films, including Hot Dog and Nichts mehr wie vorher.
  • Jürgen Juhlien: Jürgen Juhlien is a German actor and director who has appeared in a number of German films. He is best known for his role in the TV series Der Knochenmann.
  • Harald Juhlien: Harald Juhlien is a German former football player who played in the German Bundesliga. He is now a coach and football manager and is currently working as an assistant coach for FC St. Pauli.
  • Markus Juhlien: Markus Juhlien is a German theatre director and dramaturg who has worked with numerous German theatres. He is also a published author and has written plays and essays for the theatre.
  • Edgar Juhlien: Edgar Juhlien is a German painter and sculptor. He is a member of the German art organization Die Brücke. His works are mainly abstract and focus on colors and shapes.
  • Jo Juhlien: Jo Juhlien is the CEO of the German subsidiary of the San Francisco-based tech company Lyft. He previously was the CEO of the tech startup Flaconi and has held various positions in the German investment banking industry.
  • Inga Juhlien: Inga Juhlien is a German actress who has appeared in various television series and films. She is currently part of the ensemble of the acclaimed TV series Tatort.

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