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Surname Kiebel - Meaning and Origin

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Kiebel: What does the surname Kiebel mean?

The surname Kiebel is of German origins. It is derived from the root word "Kieb" which translates to "barrel" and has evolved into several variations over time.

Kiebel is typically found as a Jewish surname, being used by many Jews from Germany and Eastern Europe, often in reference to the wooden barrels they used to store food and supplies. As antitrust laws were imposed on Jews in 17th century Germany, many Jews adopted the surname ‘Kiebel’ as part of an effort to disguise their Jewish heritage.

Over time, the name Kiebel has become more widespread and taken on many new spellings: Keibel, Kieb, keeble, kibe, kilbel, and several other variations.

The Kiebel surname signifies a rich history, and a willingness to persevere in the face of adversity. Those who possess the name carry the legacy of those who adopted it to protect themselves in times of persecution and danger. As a proud Jewish-German surname, it stands as a rallying cry for those who have been wronged and a reminder of the strength we can find when faced with struggle.

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Kiebel: Where does the name Kiebel come from?

The last name Kiebel is a German-language surname that is most common in Austria and Germany today. In Austria, the prevalence of people with the last name Kiebel is one in every 54,284 people, making it a relatively rare last name. In Germany, the prevalence of the last name is one in every 93,445 people.

In the United States, people with the last name Kiebel are primarily of German descent, as the surname immigrated to America with German immigrants in the 19th century. Today, people with the last name Kiebel are most prevalent in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and South-Central regions of the United States. According to the 2020 US Census, Kiebel is the 14,978th most common surname in the United States, and it is most prevalent in North Carolina (where it ranks as the 5,355th most common last name), Missouri (5,894th), Michigan (6,497th), Ohio (7,737th), and Pennsylvania (7,809th).

Despite the fame of the Kiebel name today, the last name does not appear in any significant historical records from before the 19th century. As such, the origin of the Kiebel last name is unknown. Some people have speculated that the surname originated in the German state of Bavaria, as many people with the last name Kiebel are now concentrated there, but this has yet to be officially verified.

Variations of the surname Kiebel

The surname Kiebel has many variants, spellings, and surnames that are of the same origin. Variant spellings of Kiebel include Kibbel, Kiebbel, Kiebelle, Kieble, Keibel, and Kible. Surnames with similar origins to Kiebel include Kibel, Kibbel, Kipbel, Kibeler, Kibbler, Kiblin, Kibble, Kippel, and Kepple.

The origin of the surname Kiebel is from the Germanic personal name Kibur, which was formed by the elements “kubi” meaning “bold, brave” and “heri” meaning “army”. Kiebel is a derived form of Kibur, and it is an anglicization of the German name. Other variants and spellings of Kibur include Kiebel, Kible, Kieble, and Kiebbel.

Variants of Kiebel with a distinct spelling also exist. These include Keibel, Keibeler, and Kepple. Generally speaking, these names come from the same root as Kiebel, but their spelling usually indicates that they originate in Eastern Europe and may have been adapted from a Slavic spelling.

Variants of Kiebel also include Kiblin, Kibble, Kippel, and Kippler. These names originated from a diminutive of Kibur, which means that the surnames were originally offspring from a family with the surname Kibur.

Overall, the surname Kiebel has many variations and spellings. Kibur was the original Germanic name, and it provides the root of many surnames today, including Kiebel, Kibel, Kibbel, Kipbel, Kibeler, Kibbler, Kiblin, Kibble, Kippel, and Kepple. Variants or spellings with a distinct spelling include Keibel, Keibeler, and Kepple. Finally, diminutives of Kibur provide the surnames Kiblin, Kibble, Kippel, and Kippler.

Famous people with the name Kiebel

  • Jeff Kiebel: former Major League Baseball player and coach
  • Joseph Kiebel: early 1900s artist
  • J.P. Kiebel: German composer
  • Jon Kiebel: American fantasy writer
  • Bo Kiebel: Canadian NHL goalie
  • Lizzy Kiebel: American country singer
  • Justine Kiebel: Canadian professional soccer player
  • Chris Kiebel: American competitive figure skater
  • Matt Kiebel: American singer and songwriter
  • Frank Kiebel: American human factors consultant

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