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Surname Kiebele - Meaning and Origin

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Kiebele: What does the surname Kiebele mean?

The last name Kiebele is of German origin and the earliest known instance of the name comes from the town of Kiebele in the district of Ravensburg in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The name Kiebele is derived from the old German word "Kibilo," which means "horse." It is also thought to be related to the county name of Kiebele, which is derived from a similar root.

The Kiebele family is believed to have lived in the area for hundreds of years, with their earliest known member being recorded in the records of St.Achim in 1572. The Kiebele family is noted for being some of the first settlers of the area of Obersimtsdorf, which is now located in the district of Ravensburg. The Kiebele family is increasingly popular throughout the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany.

The name Kiebele is associated with a certain level of nobility and honor. The name is often associated with folk tales and stories of bravery and loyalty, such as the story of Tobias Kiebele who, at the age of 26, risk his life to defend the walls of Schloss Wolfsburg in 1683.

Over the centuries, the Kiebele family has had many famous members, including Ernst Kiebele, the German inventor of the first automobile to be sold commercially in 1893. Other famous members of the Kiebele family include Heinrich Kiebele, another car inventor, and Karl Kiebele, who was a well-known ophthalmologist.

The last name Kiebele is still in use to this day, with many members of the family still living in Germany and throughout Europe.

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Kiebele: Where does the name Kiebele come from?

The last name Kiebele is most common in German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. According to, around 5,900 people in Germany bear the Kiebele surname, with a population of about 80,600 in all affected countries.

This surname originates from the Middle High German word "Kibeletikon" meaning "humble". In Germany, it is most commonly found in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Baden-Wurttemberg, Berlin, and Bremen.

In Austria, the Kiebele family is concentrated in the states of Vienna and Lower Austria. The population in Austria is relatively smaller at about 2,400 people, and it is most commonly found in the east of the country.

In Switzerland, the name Kiebele is present mainly in the cantons of Zurich, St. Gallen, and Thurgau. Switzerland is the most sparsely populated country regarding the Kiebele surname with about 1,500 people in total.

Besides Germany and its neighboring countries, the Kiebele surname can also be found in the United States, mainly concentrated in the states of Texas, Kansas, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

The Kiebele surname represents a family with a long history that goes as far back as the 15th century and is still passed down from generation to generation. Although it is most commonly found in German-speaking countries, Kiebele's can be found all around the world.

Variations of the surname Kiebele

Kiebele is a German last name with multiple variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

The most common variant is Kiebler, with all of the spellings and surnames being derivatives of this spelling. Other variants include Kybble, Käbelisch, Kybl, Kiebelich, Käbel, Kybelisch, Kiebell, Kybel, Kibbles, Kebel, Keblis, Kiebels, and Kibe. All of these variants are likely derived from the German word “Kybel” which means barrel or container, and based on German linguistic and migration patterns, most of these variants were likely given as surnames to people who worked as craftsmen making barrels or other containers.

In some cases, the name may also be derived from the German words “Keifen” or “Keifel” which mean bell. This could be connected to the occupation of bell-making, or taken from the word “Kiefen” which means from the cliffs. This could refer to people who lived near high, rocky cliffs.

The Kiebele surname is quite common, and can be found in many German-speaking countries around the world. In some cases, the spelling and variants have evolved over time along with the migratory patterns of German-speaking populations, but the meaning and origins remain the same.

Famous people with the name Kiebele

  • Tommy Kiek in de Kiep: Dutch musician and comedian
  • Maria Kiebel: German professional cyclist
  • Reinhold Kiebel: German composer
  • Ulla Kiebel: German architect
  • Jörg Kiebel: German sprint canoer
  • David Kiebel: German basketball player
  • Philipp Kiebel: German contemporary craftsman
  • Dieter Kiebel: German geographer
  • Reinhard Kiebel: German politician
  • Dagmar Kiebel: German author and editor

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